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  1. 2020 US Elections

    It's pretty damning evidence of how crap the primary system is.
  2. Celebrity Allegations, #MeToo etc

    And in the realm of security clearance
  3. Celebrity Allegations, #MeToo etc

  4. Celebrity Allegations, #MeToo etc

    Surely not for a man with dementia as everyone claims Biden has.
  5. Celebrity Allegations, #MeToo etc

    Well I wasn't saying she, the alleged victim, should take one, although she seems to have volunteered. Again, this is used in security clearances here so there is clearly a use, even if it is just a first level test that is then followed up on. Someone in the highest office should have stricter...
  6. Celebrity Allegations, #MeToo etc

  7. Celebrity Allegations, #MeToo etc I don't understand why polygraphs aren't par for the course with any candidate. If it's good enough for security clearance it's good enough for a potential president.
  8. 2020 US Elections

    Just did a quick EC based on this. 359 vs 179.
  9. Celebrity Allegations, #MeToo etc

    Who knows. Scum whoever they are.
  10. Celebrity Allegations, #MeToo etc

    She and her child getting death threats. People doing that are scum.
  11. The Trump Presidency

    ...of their names on social media
  12. 2020 US Elections

    Just good research :wenger: Honestly though. Who does that? Stupid.
  13. Celebrity Allegations, #MeToo etc

    This discussion is difficult to follow in both threads. I thought it was quite well stated this morning on Morning Joe. Take the allegation seriously, then investigate. It's sounds like Gilllibrand thinks the investigation is over, which is bizarre.
  14. 2020 US Elections

    Actually, I should have said limit it to Reade or any other similar complaint/allegation type. But it can't be a free for all on policy etc.
  15. 2020 US Elections

    They have to open up the UDel files. As Mika said on MJ, simply get an independent commission set up and do it. Limit it to Reade.