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  • He's still very young for a defender at this level so a lot of room to grow.
  • Correct decision, i said last week he needs to go somewhere and prove his worth rather than it looking like a job for mates. He'd have been forced on the new manager and that's not really right. It obviously didn't sit well with him either. A...
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    I feel like De Gea is judged harsly as it's easier to remember his poorer periods right now. VDS definitely had them as well. Both top servants for us. Neither as good as Schmeichel though.
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    Hard to judge how tough this will be, Arsenal are in decent form but it's mostly been against weaker teams. I'm expecting a lose scoring game, both teams will be happy with a point.
  • I can just imagine him turning up to the first training session with a paintball gun and shouting run.
  • Ulster father and family who all supported united so ended up being passed down to me. Certainly helped that i got into football around 95/96 properly so one of my earliest experiences was our treble trophy parade, that was an ace day as a kid.
  • To be honest I'm more likely to give it a go now. It's supposed to be rubbish so I'm not going to sit through the full game but i may spend a few hours on it especially if it's co-op.
  • Urgh what an arsehole move. No one with any sense would do this whilst a poor family is freshly grieving.
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    It would be more accurate to say the boomers are centre right. What comes after remains to be seen but it will be a shift left, how much is the question.
  • It's really not in his interests to attack anyone, he's basically living as a false deity right now. Attack south korea and that'd soon be over. It's only really when he starts to lose power that he might do something stupid in my opinion.
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    What's the escape route exactly? Full backs and midfield should be covered in any such system so you're talking long ball which is the whole point. Ronaldo will be tasked with staying high, central, and being close enough to the CBs to pressure...
  • Is their some kind of stats to backup these claims because i don't think many see it that way at all. He's been average mostly with a handful of great games across that time.
  • It's more that he'll decide once or twice a game to just stroll back. He won't be able to switch off like that under RR as it becomes an even greater risk. I don't think he passes quick enough for such a system either. With some coaching I'd...
  • It should be sorted soon enough no? A fast track visa is 5 days. Out of curiosity i checked what the tier 1 criteria was and it actually calls out that you can't work as a sports coach under it as the prominent bit of information :lol:
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    I can't see them going too much further with restrictions it'll just be reaffirming mask wearing i think. They'd rather risk lives than the political fall out of more restrictions. We went to Bluewater at the weekend for a Santa visit and I'd...