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  1. Japanese Messi

    Looks like umpa lumpa football.
  2. John Terry - Born to lead

    Terry; born to lead....astray.
  3. If SAF/Jose/Wenger managed England, where would we finish?

    I agree there is not much you can do about the lack of technical ability, but some of our recent managers have caused a lot of their own problems.
  4. If SAF/Jose/Wenger managed England, where would we finish?

    Well they would at least have identified Germany's main threat in the WC and taken measures to nullify it. They might even have stopped playing Lampard.
  5. The Players That Dissapeared

    Surprised someone hasn't said Ronaldo.
  6. The Players That Dissapeared

    Some of you are confusing the word disappeared with retired.
  7. Sagna: Our players need more protection

    No shit
  8. Rafa dreams of Liverpool

    Burger vans of Liverpool are moist in anticipation.
  9. Stuart Holden (That lad that has blond hair and plays for Bolton)

    He's just your everyday Holden midfielder
  10. Battle:LA

    I actually fell asleep during this last night. For the first time ever. Here is my plot synopsis: Bang bang meteor, bang, meteor, bang, not meteor, actually aliens, bang bang bang bang crash wallop, bang bang, cry sob, humans are great, bang bang bang bang bang THE END.
  11. Homefront (360, PC, PS3)

    THQ = poo.
  12. Nasri, what on earth?!

    Sorry, scrub what I wrote and replace it with "he'd be amazing if he wasn't injured all the time". It's the only acceptable thing to write about him.
  13. Nasri, what on earth?!

    What pocket are you on about? Nasri just looked sloppy and tired, Arshavin was his usual self. The biggest fallacy in the Arse side for me is RVP. Never been a lone striker, can't seem to grasp the false #9 role and certainly doesn't live up to the hype of 'would be amazing if he could stay...
  14. Wilshere - where does the hype come from?

    He's surprisingly nippy. Both him and Ramsey are full of quality. Needs to cut out the lip though.
  15. Nasri, what on earth?!

    I win again.