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  1. New Kits 20/21 | United launch home kit

    I like the fact that MLS only allows the one new kit per season, especially when your club has nice kit. I’m with you, have both Atlanta home kits but I tend to prefer our first over the second. Only reason why I like wearing the second one is it’s got a nice shiny star above the logo and I got...
  2. Pochettino watch | Newcastle bound?

    Especially when he criticizing Ole for only getting top 4 because we signed Bruno, but then giving Poch a pass because he wasn’t backed at Spurs. Seems like double standards to me.
  3. Our entrance music...

    When I was younger I would always blast The Stooges “I Wanna Be Your Dog” before my basketball games. Always got me going. I prefer the rocky theme it always sounded regal and exciting.
  4. Spurs Documentary: All or nothing

    I feel like that had to be some video editing to make it look like that. You think players would get a memo or something well before media has access.
  5. Spurs Documentary: All or nothing

    I assume they have some some agreement with amazon but what timing for a documentary... imagine being a Spurs fan right now. You have to be fuming.
  6. Premier League Gameweek 33+34

    Can’t post in the match day thread. But what a half. As disappointing as the opening goal was the determination and will to get us back in front has me smiling. This is what a team looks like.
  7. Jose Mourinho | Spurs manager

    He takes such an odd stance lately at his past few clubs (or maybe he’s always done it). It seems that he out to prove to the people who have hired him, fans, and players why his style of football works and will bring them great success and glory. Instead of a us vs the world attitude it’s me vs...
  8. Coppa Italia Final 2020 - Juventus vs. Napoli - 3 PM EST/ 8 PM BST

    What’s going on in the stands. It looks like fans waving paper but obviously there are no fans. It’s very distracting / messing with my eyes.
  9. Cheating clubs: LASK cought on video

    I don’t think it’s cheating more just a violation. It happens all the time in the NFL were teams are in violation of offseason practice rules (contact, organized practices, etc). It usually a steep fine to the coaches, management/owners and a loss of practices during the offseason.
  10. Transfer Tweets - 2019/20 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    I was thinking “You’re The One For Me Fatty” Morrissey
  11. VDS at United Re-visited

    VDS was amazing keeper in my opinion. Those few games you are talking about were against the best teams in the world at the time and some of the best players like Messi and Eto. It wasn’t like no name scrubs were making him look foolish. I think Messi has probably made every keeper look off. I...
  12. Post match vs Everton

    A game of poor mistakes, missed chances (at least 3 great opportunities in the first 15), and lack of concentration. Very frustrating, but hopefully players can learn and improve and the coaches can improve them.
  13. Premier League Game Week 17

    That’s a good use of VAR. A year ago the ref would have put the flag up straight away.
  14. Best goal ever scored for Country/Club

    Scholes vs Barcelona and Rooney vs Newcastle have always been my favorites /memorable don’t know if they are United’s best but carry lot of meaning for me.
  15. Post match vs Chelsea

    This will be a fun season.