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  1. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    So this musk fellow, just read his wiki page and he sounds like a cnut. Made most of his money from a rather dull looking car. Wtf?
  2. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    All Eastern Europe Linux experts are already employed in Western Europe earning massive salaries. Good luck USSR
  3. The end of Russia?

    A weakend russia maybe
  4. The Africa Thread

    Africa has everything, its criminal that it is full of hardship when it has so much
  5. Do you think we'll see civil unrest?

    While I agree with the anger over poll tax it was wrongly directed, smashing up stuff and throwing things at police solves nothing.
  6. Do you think we'll see civil unrest?

    Rioting by the inflicted is ok, if its just a bunch of yoofs out to break a shop window and steal a TV then that's gash. I'm not sure how the perfect revolt should look.
  7. Music Bruce Springsteen

    I missed out on tix in Amsterdam, tickets ticketmaster crashed afterb1 min
  8. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    Maybe but don't mix up the two
  9. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    Germanic is Scandinavian not 'of Germany'
  10. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    Good question, I guess they didn't fly
  11. Next PM | #NoMoBoJo | Still hanging around like a bad smell

    I'd quite like to bone one of the candidates, none of the males obviously
  12. Westminster Politics | Tories uncap bankers bonuses

    I see all the new candidates are preaching lower tax economics, when the feck will they learn. I'll stick with my 40+ % tax and enjoy better services thank you. What sort of cnuts live in the UK now?
  13. What the heck is going on with the Netherlands?

    Well I always wonder where the experts were that didn't see this happening. Same way I don't see that top economists don't see a recession happening and know how to deal with it this shit should be simple for them.
  14. What the heck is going on with the Netherlands?
  15. What the heck is going on with the Netherlands?

    Its about nitrogen immissions not anything else. The building sector is under fire too yet we have no spare houses.