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    Either But haaland if I had to choose
  • if we had Kane playing for us, Rashford would score a lot less. i mean, who is competing for goals with Rashford at United? we have no real quality striker in the team, and no right wing. Rashford's stats look good because he's our best attacker...
  • Not sure how anyone can sit there and be happy with him attempting to dribble through 3 or 4 players and getting dispossessed time and time again. It’s like you’re watching a different player. It was terrible but just standard for his season.
  • Good goal but was absolutely terrible besides it. Hey Marcus you’re not good enough to drive through three defenders. After the 7th time of trying you’d think you’d get the hint.
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    No one is buying this right? Clearly an April fools joke
  • Didn’t even know it was a franchise.
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    you think the backlash he received from his move to the Warriors has had no effect on Durant? i don't recall any so called insecurities prior to that move. at the end of the day he was the best player on that Warriors team.