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  • How do we present men from act like trans women and abuse women or girls? Do I have to date trans men as much as men? Am I transphobic if I don't want female genitalia in my bed? Yes, that is something I heard. There is a lot to discuss.
    Of course there is trans debate. Who can compete win women in the Olympic Games? Who can enter ladies dressing rooms? Who gets monthly menstruation leave? Do you need some kind of certification to enter a dressing room or a wig and a lipstick would be enough?
    s"orry, what's ridiculous about it exactly?

    and yes, i do think racism, like sexism, homophobia and transphobia is bigoted behaviour. i think you'll find most people do.

    edit: also, there is no 'trans debate'. what you're talking about is transphobia."
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