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  1. The treatment on here of Marcus Rashford

    if we had Kane playing for us, Rashford would score a lot less. i mean, who is competing for goals with Rashford at United? we have no real quality striker in the team, and no right wing. Rashford's stats look good because he's our best attacker outside of Bruno, but that says more about the...
  2. The treatment on here of Marcus Rashford

    Not sure how anyone can sit there and be happy with him attempting to dribble through 3 or 4 players and getting dispossessed time and time again. It’s like you’re watching a different player. It was terrible but just standard for his season.
  3. Marcus Rashford MBE | 2020/21 Performances

    Good goal but was absolutely terrible besides it. Hey Marcus you’re not good enough to drive through three defenders. After the 7th time of trying you’d think you’d get the hint.
  4. Erling Haaland

    No one is buying this right? Clearly an April fools joke
  5. Film Netflix pay $450m for Knives Out sequels

    Didn’t even know it was a franchise.
  6. NBA 2020-2021

    you think the backlash he received from his move to the Warriors has had no effect on Durant? i don't recall any so called insecurities prior to that move. at the end of the day he was the best player on that Warriors team.
  7. New champions league format

    it is though. loads of pointless games against terrible clubs. it only gets interesting once the group games are done.
  8. NBA 2020-2021

    the insecurity is clearly from the backlash he got from the warriors move. even though the precedent for that was done years earlier with the big 3 in miami. maybe not worse, but seems like a pretty non issue spat to me.
  9. NBA 2020-2021

    it's not like he joined Harden and Kyrie at the Nets. if anything it's Harden who has joined the super team. in any case, how much influence does KD have on management recruitment decisions? Warriors was a different story, mind if anything, Michael comes out looking a bit pathetic in those...
  10. Europa League or FA cup

    fa cup and it's not even close. europa league is a crap cup for failed cl teams and middle table clubs. the only good thing about winning europa is cl qualification when you don't finish top 4.
  11. Gaming Football Manager 2021 (FM21)

    Long throws definitely over powered, I seem to get a goal every game or two from them. They can create absolute mayhem in the box.
  12. SARS CoV-2 coronavirus / Covid-19 (No tin foil hat silliness please)

    Didn’t seem that long ago we were still at 1000 deaths a day. Great progress.
  13. Man United begin contract talks with Eric Bailly

    we can never admit defeat can we?
  14. Sarah Everard disappearance | PC Wayne Couzens has been charged with her kidnap and murder

    no one is demanding that men switch sides of the road. but if something as simple as doing that lessens the anxiety and fear a woman walking alone in the dark may have, then how is this a bad thing? it's just a tiny little thing to help put people at ease. it's weird that this is even being...
  15. Sarah Everard disappearance | PC Wayne Couzens has been charged with her kidnap and murder

    men getting upset by the curfew idea just makes Baronnes Jones' point for her. outrage!!! at men being forced to stay indoors but women staying indoors at night is for their own safety and is perfectly reasonable. it's just being practical right? you get that that's a ridiculous double standard...