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  • I'm sad there's not more now to be honest :lol:
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    Probably nay. There would have been a time when I would have been all over him if I was us, but with his loss of form and us not really needing a player of his kind at the moment, it seems a waste of time and money. If he was a really cheap punt...
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    For sure, also a superb album but for some reason I could not stop replaying Igor. I still revisit it from time to time now. Whereas his other albums, I'm mainly revisiting individual tracks.
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    Haven't enjoyed too much of stuff that I was excited about this year so far. However Tyler, The Creator seemed to start his album rollout yesterday with a billboard teasing something so I'll be very hyped for that. I like a lot his stuff, but his...
  • I watched the first 2 episodes of this earlier and it's very funny I must say. Keane is absolute great and the go off each other very well. I struggle to believe that this is Keane doing this though. :lol: Great choice in favorite film too.
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    I'll second this.
  • Rough Translation: Romain Perraud of Stade Brest in in talks with Southampton, although there is no agreement yet. Another team which is unnamed (although I've seen Leeds mentioned) is also rumored to be in talks for him too with a 10 million...
  • This post was brought to you by the Russia Tourism Board.
  • That was my first reaction too. It's already common enough for people to X player is 30 when he's 29 or whatever, we don't need to be doing this by 2 years now and certainly not for teenagers. :lol:
  • I'll certainly remember him fondly whenever he does eventually leave. I'm still holding out some hope, on what I don't know, that he will get anywhere close to being back to his best. Unlike when Rooney declined early, it doesn't really appear to...
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    I think if he keeps performing as he does, or even improving, he may have to get an offer to go back there, probably when they decide to move on from Perez. However I'm not sure Gasly will stick around that long or even be willing to go back to...
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    What a race that was yesterday. I forgot to comment here at the end of it, but watched it live and well it was interesting race to watch throughout but the end was really special. I was devastated for Verstappen to go out like he did after doing...
  • I'm very surprised that Ancellotti is getting another chance like this to be honest. Not that he spectacularly failed anywhere or anything like that, but I'm his last couple of jobs were a little underwhelming so it felt like his day had gone a...
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    Just did the same with the cookies and rejected the privacy policy as stated above and its working on chrome on my phone again. Weird one.
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    Getting this on my phone today, ironically only started getting it after I first visited this thread. Laptop seems fine.