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  1. Ligue 1 2020-2021

    Not really? There's still one more round of matches and PSG have the superior goal difference which I believe is used in Ligue 1.
  2. Brendan Rodgers - Leicester City manager

    I know, I know. Sir Matt Busby. That's obviously well before my time, but I dunno I guess football just feels more tribal now, I just can't imagine being able to warm to a former Liverpool manager, or player, who I've watched in my lifetime.
  3. Brendan Rodgers - Leicester City manager

    Nah sorry, some may call it narrow-minded but he could win the league with Leicester for all I care, I still wouldn't contemplate him at United. I don't want any former Liverpool manager at the helm. For me, he's forever associated with them. Plus he's another little egotistical wanker. Doing...
  4. Eduardo Camavinga

    He plays for Rennes not Lille. There's a big difference between the level of those 2 clubs currently. So that's the first problem. Secondly there's no indication that Fred would be willing to drop to such a lower level of club right now. This is ignoring that fact it'd massively overplayed how...
  5. Is Gerrard's title win at Rangers any different to Solskjaer's double title win at Molde?

    I think both achievements are comparable, but I think the answer is obvious to be honest. Rangers are a bigger name and have more visibility (especially to British fans) than Molde, and so people pay attention more. Hence he's getting more plaudits. Gerrard himself is a bigger name in the wider...
  6. Post match vs Liverpool

    Look it ultimate doesn't matter to our season but that was a frustrating one. Awful performance, especially at the back. I feared before the game they'd want it a lot more than us and that we'd struggle without Maguire and I think both of those fears were justified in the end. I'm sickened to...
  7. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    Poor end to the half. We haven't looked at it since early in the game. Was glad we scored early and I hoped we could stay solid from there and pick them off when the opportunity arose. Some really poor defending has cost us though. Phillips cannot be allowed that much time in the box with so...
  8. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    It's the team I'm sure we all expected after the other night. Maguire will be a big miss for us of course, but I'd love a win over this lot tonight. End their Top 4 hopes once and for all.
  9. Transfer Tweets - 2020/21 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    While I know nothing about this player, I would say that's quite a narrow minded view. Players develop at all different kinds of rates, so just because he isn't a hyped youngster doesn't mean he isn't worthwhile to a bigher club. You'd miss out on some gems by having this attitude by default.
  10. Can we have a real go at Liverpool today?

    That doesn't mean they want to go flying into 50/50 tackles and risk getting hurt. They'll all have seen what happened to Maguire and now he's a doubt for the final. Top 4 is wrapped up and everyone iell want to be available for the final. That extra few % of effort we could lose as a result may...
  11. Can we have a real go at Liverpool today?

    Their defence is weak, but so is ours with Maguire out. I imagine a lot of our players may have one eye on the final too so I reckon the Liverpool players will be well up for it. We'll miss the red hot atmosphere as well, although that's standard at this point. I still think we should be beating...
  12. Casey Stoney has resigned

    Really damming of the state of the club. If these reports are accurate, then it's one of the clearest signs yet of our lack of investment from the highers ups. Really poor stuff.
  13. Gaming Best video game intros

    Go for it, I'm playing the remake of FFVII atm but I've already decided I'm going to replay FFX afterwards. I have the remastered version on my PS4 already but never delved too far into. So I haven't played it in full since PS2 days.
  14. Could United be punished for fielding a weakened team?

    It would be absolute nonsense if we got a punishment for this. With the situation we found ourselves in, there was no other choice. It's not physically possible to play the same full strength team in every game so it was either this one or the Liverpool game. We already had our players play days...
  15. Post match vs Leicester City

    Never likely to get the win with the team out, which in the circumstances was the best we could. I think it was a respectable performance considering the situation. But never nice to witness a loss that hands City the title, no matter how inevitable it may have been.