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  1. Conor McGregor appreciation thread - or not!

    Can someone just jail this prick for a while? FFS like.
  2. Post match vs Leicester City

    Correct. Clearly a gamble to play him which didn't work out. It was probably worth a shot though. However what you can blame though is failure to react if it is not working, and that didn't happen today.
  3. Post match vs Leicester City

    Well my pre match prediction that there would be goals was correct. I figured it could go either way and well it really did blow up in our face in that second half. Starting Maguire was probably worth the risk, but after his horrific mistake for the first goal and all round poor performance I...
  4. Leicester City vs Manchester United

    Didn't think we were too bad until we conceded and lost a little confidence it seemed. Horrific mistake by Maguire, and he looks like he has an error in him every time he gets near the ball out there. He can't be fit surely? I know he hasn't been great this season generally but this is...
  5. Leicester City vs Manchester United

    I did have a sneaking suspicion that Maguire would be back in after he was mentioned yesterday, however I hope he's not being too rushed. Nice attacking line up. Pogba in midfield with Matic should guarantee goals one way or the other. Good team and great to see Rashford back in the squad.
  6. Aurelien Tchouameni

    I do like the look of him too. Very composed looking player even at a young age. I went to see him play live last week for France under 21s,and while there was a lot of obvious standout moments from thsy game, I liked what I saw from him a lot in a more understated sense. Granted that was at...
  7. F1 2021 Season

    I thought that was a pretty decent race I enjoyed it. Really good & quiet drive by Bottas. Controlled things nicely all race. Almost looking a new man since confirmation of his last Mercedes season. Sainz very impressive too with the overtakes and to finish where he did considering his starting...
  8. Newcastle United now owned by the PIF | PL receives "legally binding assurances that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will not control NUFC" ;)

    Ugh. That's my initial reaction to this news. I hate these state-backed clubs in general and even more so when it potentially impacts United. I should also say that states that have terrible human rights records and only want football clubs for the purposes of sports-washing or a dick-measuring...
  9. Daniel James | Leeds player

  10. First manager to be sacked 2021/2022 season?

    Fecking Watford like. :lol: They are ridiculous. Nearly promoted, sitting in 14th after 7 games, 4 points clear of the relegation zone. What do they want? Mental!
  11. Ask admin a question. Part 2

    Calling him dumb is obviously a bit ch Calling him "dumb" is obviously a really childish way of letting everyone know you don't support the manager. It just adds nothing to a discussion. It's just personal insults at that point instead of actual criticism. But what do I know, I'm not a staff...
  12. Post match vs Everton

    Frustrating result. I thought we looked decent at half time and I was happy enough but we didn't push on in the second half like we should have. I thought the 2 subs were weird when they were made. Felt uncessary to bring on those 2 players at that time, we were playing fine without them. Done...
  13. Manchester United vs Everton

    It's been decent so far. Of course the goal before half time changes the outlook, but we didn't look bad at a before that. Yes Everton still had some chances, but so did we. And we look better in possession too.
  14. Film Which supposedly great films or TV series have you tried to get through on multiple occasions?

    Yeah Breaking is probably tied for my number 1. I'm not sure I'll ever finishing Better Call Saul though. A part of me thinks ill give in eventually as I want to love it so badly, but right now I'm being stubborn over it. :lol:
  15. Film Which supposedly great films or TV series have you tried to get through on multiple occasions?

    I have heard that from at least one person, but then again I feel like I heard that at every season that I did watch. 3 I felt was more than giving it a chance. As others have said since, I would have long given up if it wasn't for the connection to BB before we even got to that point. At which...