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Eid Mubarak, and thanks! Jul 16, 2015

    1. TBR
      can you please delete my account.You rejected my post about Scott Mctominay there in which i state he loses the ball too much..

      It's not Nazi Germany like..

      Please delete my account.

    2. Toni Roncoroni
      come on... what was wrong?
    3. Jules_T
      Thanks for the likes. It's been a few days since I wrote the posts. And promotion too. Thanks so much!
    4. Mugiwarared71
      why do you keep deleting my posts ? can you at least say what was wrong with it you seem to be the only person who rejects my posts for no reason
    5. Neil_1982
      It was a joke, lighten up.
    6. ThinkTank@Cafe
      Thanks for the like
    7. Teffe
      Hi! Why did u remove my post? Two people asked who Said that and I replied. How is it not relevant??
    8. Fıstıkçı Şahap
      Thanks for the like mate!
    9. Jammiedodger
      Go to school and learn English.
      You keep rejecting my comments based on 'poor formatting and punctuation' and yet I work in publishing, I know how to write a bloody comment.
      I may be a Newbie but Im not new to United or life.
      If you want a certain level in this forum then apply the rules to everyone. Otherwise all you will do is put new members off with your draconian rules and the stupid application of them.
    10. UnitedChampionsAgain
      Very strange state of mind and judgement you possess
    11. Matst1
      Thanks for rejecting my post. To quote Wurzel "What a strange forum this is! Full of random comments, that add nothing to the conversation. Try and post a hilarious comment.... gets rejected, for not adding to the conversation. But just tell everyone your a muppet and your fine!"
    12. wurzel-red
      What a strange forum this is! Full of random comments, that add nothing to the conversation. Try and post a hilarious comment.... gets rejected, for not adding to the conversation. But just tell everyone your a muppet and your fine!
    13. Badenfutbolfan
      most of those posts hardly add anything to the discussion tbh, so not sure why mine is rejected. It reflects the way I feel about the possible outcome
    14. redtony
      What's wrong with saying that zlatan has learnt how to manage his physicality?
    15. patty123
      Did I use "lol" in that post ? As I can't remember it now and haven't being here for over a year, I forgot about the ruling on the use of that word. As I can't remember insulting a player or others, thanks.
    16. mruptight
      hi, saw that my post was rejected for personal insults. think i asked the poster to please shut up (with reference to posting a thread congratulations to liverpool). not sure why that is a personal insult. can u please explain so that the rules here are clearer? thanks very much
    17. MUM
      Thanks for the like Sultan, appreciated.
    18. adman
      I gave the cafe an interesting story on what happened with the earlier post involving a player taking penalty against the manager's wishes.
      Can you tell me why you rejected it. It was factually correct and language used was appropriate.
    19. LingardsBoots
      why is sultan rejecting my posts?
      they r all genuine and truthful, others seem to get away with all sorts of tripe but my posts get kicked for no reason.
      sultan, are you a preacher?
    20. Guoan
      My post in the Old Firm Derby thread was rejected. Fair enough but then it shouldn't be up to me to police a thread - can you tell me what the post I was replying to added to the discussion? It was a political post and had nothing to do with football. The poster should be suspended for trying to start a political discussion in a football forum.
    21. Olril18
      most of my posts are usually rejected.
    22. Beatleswereblue
      2nd post rejected for poor formatting. Explain!
      • Quality control
      You really got a hard on for me don't you?
    23. Pires_7
      WHat the feck is the point of posting on this forum if you gonna reject all my posts? i can't even make a joke.
    24. Nr.7
      Can’t believe you rejected that post, but oh well.
      You saved the internet,changed the world. Well done. Your mother must be proud of your work.
      1. Sultan
        If you're not happy with the rules and systems on this forum, you are welcome to find alternative forums. The rules are in place for the betterment of the forum. Unfortunately, my parents are not around to be proud.
        Sep 4, 2018
      2. Nr.7
        Oh, in that case I do apologize for the mother remark.
        Sep 4, 2018
    25. The neutral
      Rejected my post.???....why,.... have utd just been beat?? Ah yes..
      1. Sultan
        Maybe a crap post? Ah yes!!!
        Aug 19, 2018
    26. Rob67
      Thanks for the likes mate. Much appreciated.
    27. daniel bailey
      So your discriminating against people with learning difficulties because they can't spell not swearing or abuse but spelling
      1. Sultan
        You can obviously use the internet. An online spell checker is not too difficult to use.
        Aug 10, 2018
      2. daniel bailey
        You should never make a assumption I might find it very difficult you don't know
        Aug 10, 2018
    28. daniel bailey
      Spelling really this is a football forum not a English class get a grip will you
      1. Sultan
        If you're not happy with the rules this forum is not compatible for yourself. Them's the rules, mate.
        Aug 10, 2018
      2. daniel bailey
        I think you mean "them are the rules" you need a refresher on your rules pal
        Aug 10, 2018
    29. Barack O'Bama
      Seriously.... It’s all a bit too serious
    30. Fergietime@99
      Why has my post on possible Pogba replacements been rejected?
      1. Sultan
        You should expand more on your opinion. Why Rabiot should be his replacement?
        Aug 7, 2018
    31. Ashish Negi
      Why my comment on Jose and post match thread are not approved? Can you give reason atleast.
      1. Sultan
        Please give expanded reasons and opinions instead of simple one-liners.
        May 11, 2018
    32. Openshaw53
      Morrow, how come my recent post regarding Martial was rejected ?
    33. mk7
      Could you help me making a post that would not be classified as "backdoor touting"?
    34. Fish in kettles
      Surprised you approved, thanks, needed to vent a little after a difficult day
      1. Sultan
        Its an opinion. I respect your right.
        Jan 24, 2018
    35. L1nk
      Appreciate the like man, always great when you put some passion into a post and somebody else agrees haha
    36. Axkiko
      Thanks mate
    37. emdee04
      You gave me my first like, I will never forget. Thanks man
    38. sokol11
      Thanks for the like. :)
    39. Nevilles.Wear.Prada
      Thanks for the like. I appreciate it.
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