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  • 'will apply so no issues with LGBTQ or the women's team not being given support (City and PSG have no such problems).'

    The point is that the repression of citizens under the regime will continue.

    In other words, plenty of issues with LGBTQ.

    Human rights are human rights. Yes rights for some but no rights for others is a patently hard to far right position which violates the phenomenon.
    'Beacon of morality or just a keyboard warrior wanting pats on the back?'


    Just somebody who knows the importance of human rights.

    'criticise the post not the poster;'

    But, you can't, because you know I'm right.
    High five if you're telling the truth. Praise indeed. The world needs your kind.
    i have never offended anyone in my posts, used inappropriate language or have been commenting anything else but theme of discussion, but anyway, you keep deleting most of my posts. would you be so kind to give me some explanation or recommendation for future discussions. kind regards
    Hi buddy

    It will be due to formatting issues. Please read the site's formatting guide. We only work to the rules. Nothing personal.
    You guys are right.

    "Adds nothing to the discussion", says in a thread of 58,000 posts - 57,000 of which are of fewer than 10 words :lol:
    any chance of not rejecting pretty much 80%of my comments..what kinda forum is this like??
    Any chance of following the rejection advice?
    I thought i was wrong but visiting your page now i can clearly see who s wrong.
    Out of 3 posts i require as a new member, this guy deleted 2 of my reply messages for poor formatting like we are in the NY times magazine
    You reject my comment yet there's about twenty comments identicle to mine.
    He did the same thing to me
    To be honest I can't even remember what my post was in the Rangnick thread, but it was rejected by you according to a notification. Is there a way for me to see what the post was and why it was rejected
    why did you delete my comment "dzeko is by far the best" as a lack of context. i disagree that one of these is the best.
    Best striker in the world: Benzema or Lewandowski? it would be ok if title is: "who is better striker"
    Explain your reasoning why you think he's the best striker. This is what I mean by context.
    tnx for the answer.
    My comment "we are an awfully coached team" was most certainly not a wind up. As a United supporter since 1958 I thought I could come on and share my opinion. Seemingly not.
    Yes, we don't seem to be coached befitting a top team. However, anyone who thinks Carrick as a player passes backwards and sideways is a WUM in my mind.
    I don't think too many fans would agree with you there, he was renowned for it.
    This idiot has rejected my post too
    Hi Sultan, just have seen the "Staff" Icon on your name. I have some technical troubles adding in images via links to my posts. I used the "Contact us"-feature at the bottom of the page... Can you direct me to someone who could support?
    This site is hard enough to tolerate with the ignorant 'newbie' stuff, etc. And this admin deletes posts on a whim and leaves smileys, etc. up because they provide sooooooo much information. There is no rhyme or reason to how a person becomes a 'full member'. And it makes this site a waste of time with such heavy handed admins as this. Moving on....this site isn't worth the clicks with admins like this.
    WTF? Its bloody obvious what the context was. If you're not bright enough to figure it out, what gives you the right to just delete it!
    Hi , bit of help please :
    Anyone help me out : I need just 1 ticket for the Southampton game please ; the away match in a couple of weeks any ideas pls
    Sorry, I don't do away games.
    Cheers mate , just trying for my son before university he wants to go to an away match :) have a good one
    It Actually does, teams don't spend 30 million on an 18 year old that is only trusted to play 20 minutes (and when everyone else is injured so it's forced). The fact that he's only played 20 mins adds to my point. Name me another club or manager in the world that can spend 30 odd million on a player and play him for 20 minutes ?
    What is your obsession with deleting posts, does make you feel important? Moderate on a forum, wow yeah you must feel high and mighty. Pathetic.
    "Adds nothing to the discussion"
    I disagree with that. The goal looked offside, even the BBC website thought so. I fail to see how my comment did not add to the discussion?
    Adds nothing to the discussion"
    The post above me: "Ugh"
    Next time i won't use complete sentences either :D
    Thanks for the like, btw, but now i have 2 likes and above 50 posts, why does it still say i need 2 likes and above 50 posts for more than 3 posts a day(and moderator approval)?
    man why do you keep deleting my messages??? i was literally responding to the poster who quoted my post.
    My post adds nothing to the discussion but other posters who posts smiley do???
    You rejected my post saying that it adds nothing to the discussion but yet there are posts pretty much saying the same thing

    OTT = over the top.
    There’s posts just saying the same thing??
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