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  • Not from a movie but I absolutely love this one :)

    I have no real favourite....i like golden eye
    Sweet Square
    Cheers. Never heard this one before.

    Although I've wasted plenty of hours on guitar hero.
    its dlc you have to pay for it
    0:58 - 1:25 is so awesome :)
    Thank you for pointing out in the Henderson thread that Autism has no "look", Us Utd fans using Disabilities to score points against the dippers really does make us look like Chelsea/Leeds fans etc. Please could you make comment about this in the thread? I have an autistic son and im disgusted by a number of the comments/gifs etc.
    Sweet Square
    Yeah no problem.
    Sweet Square
    Looking back it was just the one poster who was making those remarks,(He was the one pointed out that Austism has no 'look')

    So there's not a lot else to sorry(I called him a arsehole if that helps)

    But i agree it was disgusting.
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