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    It's definitely an issue Ole needs to address, but he's caught between a rock and a hard place For the last two games I think he should play the best 11, and then try to address our lack of attacking depth in the market
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    completed it
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    its not a bug its a feature interestingly we finished 6th on Xpts in 17/18 https://understat.com/league/EPL/2017 I'm guessing Dea Gea's form was one of the reasons for that
  • I saw about 2/3 of that Pele movie on Netflix and its beyond shite, the scenes where he plays are so unrealistic its actually hilarious. Apparently Pele only scored goals while doing keepy uppys past everyone. Anyway, I was enjoying it in a so...
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    happy 7ancho day everyone
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    a bet theres a few caftards out there who still reckon we should take a punt on him
  • nah we just get prize money for going through in the knock-out stages we didn't play a strong side though? only one first choice player started Pogba probably came on to keep his match fitness up before the next round
  • you meme'd yourself :lol:
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    we do it sometimes but not all the time, i dont think its a secret which is basically exactly how Ole represents it in that interview
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  • does anyone else read those Romano "here we goes" to the tune of the Chemical Brothers "hey boy, hey girl"?
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    My memory is shit but I don't recall anyone thinking we were a sure bet. I looked up the odds though. City had just got 100 points and were 8/13 to retain the title. United were 15/2 and third favourites behind Liverpool (4/1) despite finishing...
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    I've been going through a bit of a Paul Schrader binge recently and Light Sleeper (1992) is well worth a watch and I also saw Thief (1981) last night, which is yer typical Michael Mann film but you don't hear about it so much both great if...
  • good deal for Spurs that
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    is it bollocks fireworks the fire at the beginning was but the major explosion was something else