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  • Hey mate, I’m on a working holiday in Australia, Sydney. Where are you based? We have just moved to Bondi
    Hello mate,

    Hope you don't mind me DMing you but I realised you are right - my technical knowledge of crypto is lacking and I would (sincerely) love to know more and thought it was better to approach you direct. I didn't want my last post to come across as aggressive and I am serious in finding out more/watching your process to see how you appraise your investments?


    No worries and apologies if my tone was off too I just find it a bit frustrating at times. I'm struck down with Covid at the moment, so better to discuss in a few days

    Always happy to help if anyone is sincere about learning
    Murder on Zidanes Floor
    Yeah, let's go for it. Wishing you a speedy recovery from CV19, my partner recently tested positive and was under the weather but not moreso than a big cold. Hope the same for you.
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