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  1. Prime Hazard or Prime Salah?

    Prime Hazard was definitely better on the eye, but there's no doubt prime Salah is/was a far more decisive player. Unless Hazard manages to turn around his "faltering" career and solve the countess injury issues he's currently plagued with, there won't even be a comparison between the two in the...
  2. 'Uefa care about money not players' - Thibby Courtois

    Because if Saudi rulers talked about human right conditions in Afghanistan, it will NOT resonate with the common man, even though there's nothing wrong with the message.
  3. 'Uefa care about money not players' - Thibby Courtois

    Ironical when someone blames UEFA for caring about "money and nothing else" when he himself forced a move to Real Madrid a couple of years ago for "money and nothing else". I agree with the "too many matches", though. I'd be happy if players with better integrity spoke against the UEFA parasites.
  4. Leicester City vs Manchester United

    2-2 is my guess.
  5. Is officiating worse than it’s ever been?

    There are dozens of different angles and all kinds of possible replays, and ultra-high-definition video quality. I am sure the referees (overall, in general) have gotten better with time, but as technology has improved so rapidly, we are able to find many flaws we wouldn't have noticed in the...
  6. Premier League Matchday 7

    Two top, top sides. And an amazing second-half display! The gulf between the top-two and the rest of the Premier League teams is immense for the third season in a row. No other club remotely deserves to win the PL.
  7. Has it become obvious now that we can’t challenge for the league?

    BTW, you took until October 2 and so many games into the season to create a thread regarding something that was "so obvious" even before (or immediately after) the season started. Strange
  8. Has it become obvious now that we can’t challenge for the league?

    This was fairly obvious even before the season began. Recent performances have only strongly consolidated that opinion.
  9. Mo Salah

    This guy has the real knack of being at the right place at the right time to score goals. The number of goals he manages to score off rebounds, and the little 6-yard tap-ins is insane! Liverpool were lucky to hit the jackpot with two “average” signings - Salah and Mane, and of course the cash...
  10. Harry Kane MBE | Performances

    There will be a real problem if Harry keeps performing in this fashion as there may be no “takers” for him at the end of the season. It will be funny if Levy does a U-turn on Harry in the transfer window, desperately trying to sell him, only to embarrass himself further, if no top club comes up...
  11. Nuno Espírito Santo: Spurs' Manager

    He may be the first Premier League sacking this season!
  12. Harry Kane MBE | Performances

    Harry Kane will only be one year older by the end of this season, but I am confident his market value will plummet by nearly one half - one of those rare instances where Levy got it horribly wrong!
  13. Premier League Matchday 6

    Another shitty season of having to cheer City to prevent the bloody Scousers from lifting the PL. What shambles.
  14. Why are some of you happy that we have lost tonight?

    Nobody really cares about the Carabao Cup to be honest. At least there’s no excuse now for not winning one of the three remaining “meaningful” trophies now.
  15. Marcos Alonso to stop taking the knee

    It is terrible to see racism in football grounds even in this day and age, but “taking the knee” cannot go on forever before every football match. Some players have been doing it (American) since 2016, IIRC. I know it is a brilliant gesture and only takes a few seconds, but after so many months...