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  1. Chelsea appoint Thomas Tuchel

    Chelsea play Leicester at home and Villa away. If they drop points against Leicester or Villa they will be in real trouble with regards to 4th, as Liverpool and West Ham all have 3 games left against bottom table clubs with nothing left to play for, with Liverpool especially hitting form. Win...
  2. Manchester United vs Fulham

    Not sure you can count Leicester as anything other than a Get fecked from the team to FA, that was a pure reserves match.
  3. Has the fans' protest cost us?

    Well yeah, of course the protests negatively impact what happens on the pitch. Being smuggled into the stadium like some kind of clandestine operation, and trying to play a game of football with a horde of football fans outside the gates that they all know very well broke into the pitch the last...
  4. Protest at Old Trafford

    Are you vouching for everyone in that crowd?
  5. What Score will Liverpool win tonight?

    And he brought the one man cavalry apparently
  6. Could United be punished for fielding a weakened team?

    Having the games this congested is basically unheard of at this stage of the season. The FA did this to punish the club for delaying the Liverpool game. The club will have the backing of the clubs medical staff that can give their professional input into the safety of no recovery between bouts...
  7. Congratulations City

    The title had me triggered
  8. Post match vs Leicester City

    Except for when you want to stick it to Klopp I guess
  9. Post match vs Leicester City

    Liverpool to Europa League
  10. Manchester United vs Leicester City

    Half an hour for the bigboys then
  11. Manchester United vs Leicester City

    Number of kills
  12. Manchester United vs Leicester City

    Wonder if Brendan Rodgers is in that dressing room telling them how dissapointing they must all be to their parents. How can they possibly have so little self esteem this Leicester side.
  13. Manchester United vs Leicester City

    Serb Cop is in command.
  14. Manchester United vs Leicester City

    Williams is rightfooted. He's a rightback who we played on the left for a bit. But he IS rusted and haven't had anywhere near enough gametime to get consistency. Nevertheless, he should be marginally better.
  15. Manchester United vs Leicester City

    Tuanzebe is such a phenomenal athlete. Love watching him play