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  1. Harry Maguire | 2019/20 Performances

    I understand the frustration, I just try to take a long-term perspective. We should factor in that Maguire has already played a lot of minutes this season, his presence was completely unnecessary in some games. This is on the manager.
  2. Harry Maguire | 2019/20 Performances

    Similarly to how Fred is coming good now, Maguire will come good. Fans are often too impatient, transfer fee doesn't help either. City wanted him, just like they wanted Fred, there is a very good player in there.
  3. Harry Maguire | 2019/20 Performances

    Said at the start of the season, maybe in this very thread, Maguire is the Lukaku version at CB: good player but not great. Still, he isn't guilty we were daft to pay so much money. He's a good player, still top 5 among the CBs in the league.
  4. Is this one of the worst PL seasons in recent times?

    What's the average league position of Chelsea, United, Arsenal, Spurs and Everton? 8th? That's a shockingly poor season for most of the established clubs in England. Chelsea are comfortably 4th and have as many points as Moyes' United after 24 games, namely 40 pts. It's delusional to think the...
  5. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2019/20 Discussion

    Ole's biggest mistake is taking the cups too seriously. You trim the squad to bare minimums and then try to go in the cups as far as possible risking injuries and fatigue. Doesn't make any sense. Take seriously only the PL and EL as both competiitons are routes to the CL and participating in...
  6. Liverpool vs Manchester United

    One of the astonishing stats I've come across is that Liverpool have had just 2 more shots on target than us this season: 131 vs 129. I think we are taking too many speculative shots which don't really bother good keepers.. We have gone to the other extreme than under LVG when we were...
  7. Jürgen Klopp Watch

    Fantastic manager. But has a long way to go. Trophies: Fergie 48 Guardiola 28 Klopp 8
  8. Which footballer peaked the highest?

    Ronaldo 7 was out of this world for Real's CL win in 2017. Didn't he score 10 goals from the quarters to the final, including hat-tricks against Bayern and Atleti and 2 goals in the final against Juve? That's better than anything Messi or any other player has ever produced in the final 5 games...
  9. The “Ole In” Brigade

    When a club goes through a crisis, quick fixes might have some success initially but deepen the crisis long-term which goes some way in explaining the post-Fergie period. Going beyond quick fixes and applying a successful strategy might initially deepen the crisis but have success long-term...
  10. Is it time to burst “Rashy’s” bubble?

    He is hard to defend against: if you try to close him down his speed can get the better off you. If you leave him space, he has a powerful shot on him. Best player at the club currently.
  11. Marcus Rashford | 2019/20 Performances

    At this rate he might surpass Sterling soon. Phenomenal first half.
  12. Jesse Lingard | 2019/20 Performances

    Played very well, his pressing and speed were important to the tactics.
  13. Post match vs Manchester City

    Brilliant performance. The first half was arguably the best since Fergie, sensational counters. Rashford was much better than Sterling. Defence was very solid as well. Incredible.
  14. Manchester City vs Manchester United

    He is likely to play against Bernardo or Mahrez who are top class. And De Bruyne likes to play in that zone too. Who is the best right winger Williams has played against?