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  1. Europa League / Europa Conference League 2021/22

    Borre running over to celebrate in front of the Rangers fans like the good Catholic boy he (probably) is :lol: Seems like the quality of penalties in shootouts have gone through the roof. I don't remember so many players just casually sticking pens in the top corner like Le Tissier in his pomp...
  2. Europa League / Europa Conference League 2021/22

    Sectarianism. Same reason 1/4 of their fans are wearing orange.
  3. Europa League / Europa Conference League 2021/22

    To be fair, Rangers are very, very easy to dislike.
  4. Europa League / Europa Conference League 2021/22

    Chucks himself to ground a good second after contact. Feck off.
  5. Europa League / Europa Conference League 2021/22

    Just shut up and have a nice, boring 3-0 win in the other final please.
  6. Steve Cooper

    Ah, alright then. I took the word "justifiably" in your first post to mean that he'd rightly been overlooked and deserved to be at a more lowly club like Brighton. I still think there's every chance he gets his shot at somewhere like Spurs if Conte goes, but yeah, someone with a more...
  7. Steve Cooper

    Their highest ever league finish before now was 13th in 1983. It literally is the peak of their 120 year history.
  8. Steve Cooper

    Getting fecking Brighton to the top half is "languishing" now? :lol:
  9. Nottingham Forest

    Posted it in the playoff thread, but that nutter needs locking up. A sprinting headbutt that he doesn't see coming, turns into, and has no time to brace for.... Just happy that he's not been seriously, seriously done in by that.
  10. Nottingham Forest

    Nah, Forest will just be Forest. People got lazy with Sheffield United because the full name is too long and obviously nobody on here is calling them "United".
  11. Frenkie De Jong

    That's what I mean, Messi's wages were in the stratosphere, and to be forking that out, you need to be careful with the rest of your budget. You can't spaff near £400m on three players that have done next to nowt on top of that. They were even more profligate that us while having the Messi...
  12. Steve Cooper

    That's a hell of a story. Welsh league playing career and coaching Wrexham's kids for a decade to potentially managing in the PL. Poor bloke fell out of the ugly tree and hit every single branch on the way down, though.
  13. Championship/EFL Play-Offs 2022

    Fecking sprinting headbutt. You could EASILY kill someone doing that. Fecking cnut needs to be locked up and the key thrown away. What a fecking psycho.
  14. Championship/EFL Play-Offs 2022

    The mandatory pitch invasion after every playoff is fecking stupid. I understand it if you've actually gone up and haven't been in the top tier forever, but it seems to be every playoff game at every level. Was just a matter of time before some fecking scrote took his chance to do something...
  15. Frenkie De Jong

    Paying insane fees for players who aren't worth it (Coutinho, Dembele, Griezmann). Giving said players wages to match. Paying Messi enough money to start his own Barcelona with blackjack and hookers while he was there. Basically the same stupid shit our owners did + Messi's wages.