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  1. There needs to be a proper boycott until Solksjaer goes

    Going to United games is about more than getting the manager sacked. It won’t happen.
  2. A positive thread…..

  3. A positive thread…..

  4. Fans leaving at half-time

    The fact there is so many fans now is amazing.
  5. A positive thread…..

    I absolutely stand by supporting Ole despite now thinking he should be moved on.
  6. Solskjaers Legacy

    It really does depend on how some of the signings go now. I was really happy with the groundwork he’d laid and if they kick on, then fair enough. however, it requires Maguire to get some semblance of form back.
  7. A positive thread…..

    I’m positive that I won’t be quoting posters today.
  8. A positive thread…..

    I’m positive that this is the worst performance I’ve ever seen. I’m positive that I’d have left by now if I was at the game. I’m positive that Pogba should be ashamed for that tackle.
  9. Who’s looking forward to the player apology tweets after the game?

    I’d like to hear from Mata, he used to be great at them.
  10. Is this the worst it's been?

    Yeah, it’s been awful! Fair enough!
  11. Is this the worst it's been?

    I wouldn’t say it’s great at the moment.
  12. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    Not quite sure it’ll work today mate.
  13. Posts that were actually made on the night we stormed back to beat Atalanta 3-2

    autocorrect really messed up the meaning of your name when you signed onto this forum didnt it.
  14. Conservative MP David Amess stabbed to death

    I mean…. They’re not being manipulated though are they, the rich v the poor is a literal massive issue that is ruining people’s lives and the vaccinated are helping out the world whilst the unvaccinated are spreading a deadly virus. You don’t need to be manipulated to have a view on this. RIP...