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  1. Alexis offered to Roma

    Rather they get the chance than Alexis. Looks completely done.
  2. Manchester United vs Chelsea

    Im drunk as deck bu qe qill annihiliate cyelsea go greenfoed and rashwood All Will go åerfect we Will pummrl him
  3. Christian Eriksen | Signs for Inter

    Well, i'll try anyways. You bought him for pennies compared to prices nowadays. He has definitely paid his price by performances throughout the seasons. He doesn't owe spurs anything.
  4. Ed Woodward 2019 - Until all Arctic ice melts edition

    It's the Glazers, not Woodward. He is still in his job to this Day, Even when the club has been failing horribly ever since he came in charge. We have owners Who have No clue about football, and Who sees us as a Cash cow. I wouldn't trust Them to find a replacement for Woodward, it would just...
  5. Transfer Tweets - 2019/20 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    I like Mandzukic, a bit of a cnut sometimes, but works hard for the team and still scores at a decent ratio. Good target-man too, but with more to his game than just being a lump. Would be a decent transfer.
  6. Fred, Matic, Sanchez

    Imo, Sanchez is done. I haven't seen anything from him that makes me optimistic of him turning it around this season. Matic is decent for easier games / cups, but i wouldn't trust him in big matches, no way. Fred still has the 1 year acclimatize excuse to him, i got faith in him. If they...
  7. Deadline day signing predictions

    I have mostly keep quiet this window and not been on the cafe that much, so i got a lot saved up. :D
  8. Deadline day signing predictions

    Eriksen + Williams wouldn't be half bad. Martial/Rashford/Greenwood Rashford/Martial/James - Eriksen - Williams Pogba - McTominay Shaw - Maguire - Lindelof - AWB DDG That's a pretty mint team, without having a proven striker of course, but with lots of options to fight for the CF position and...
  9. Inaki Williams

    I doubt Sancho will be here next season if we don't perform this one. Him having a great season, while we still linger around 5-6th, isn't going to convince him of coming here. We have a better chance with Inaki to achieve something this season, that should be what counts.
  10. Inaki Williams

    He is quick, scores goals, can play as a forward and right-winger(!!!). No problem with the physical aspect of the game. Why not? We need someone to spend the Lukaku money on.
  11. How have we strengthened one area of the team whilst simultaneously weakening midfield and attack?

    Rashford/Martial/Greenwood James/Sanchez - Lingard/Mata - BFG(Big Fecking Gap) Pogba/Fred/Pereira - McT/Matic Shaw - Maguire/Jones - Lindelof/Smalling - AWB/Young DDG/Romero RW still neglected. AM looks horrible. Defensive midfielder non-existent, apart from a much declined Matic. Defence looks...
  12. Christian Eriksen | Signs for Inter

    Not enough times, to know his name is Eriksen :)
  13. Transfer Tweets - 2019/20 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    How is replacing Dybala for Lukaku, and Darmian for Cancelo "balancing the books"? I doubt the wage difference is that much different.
  14. What do we still need? Aka The never ending story

    I just Don't see Who our DM is going to be next season, think that is the most important position to strengthen right now
  15. Midfield Next Season

    Don't we need a new #6? As far as i can tell, Matic is still decent, but over a full season we will need someone to rotate with him. I don't see Longstaff as that type of player, neither Bruno. Of course, we need more than 1 midfielder this summer, but i feel like DM is the most important position.