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  1. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    "Make mistakes"? Bitch, Putin doomed thousands of people to Death you out of touch first Class cnut. Hope he chokes on his own balls.
  2. Transfer Tweets - Manchester United - 2022/23 | Follow the rules in the OP

    I hope this is true, we can't be the fecking pay piggy of football.
  3. Other Shakira | Pique and Shakira part ways

    Cheating on Shakira. Ok.
  4. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    Even if the sanctions do feck all, in principle trading with Russia in it's current state is moral bankrupty (i understand that much of europe is still dependent on russian gas and oil). These sanctions should stay until Russia is out of Ukraine and Putin is gone.
  5. Transfer Tweets - 2021/22 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    Logical decision. Two midfielders and one or two defenders this Window would be nice. Create a solid spine in the team, then we can look at forwards next summer. Hopefully the new players will actually work out.
  6. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    @DT12 You should put your thoughts and time into the thousands of civilians and soldiers killed in this war by that psychopat called putin, instead of spreading your side of the propaganda and debunking every little twitter message. To make you happy, i would say Ukraine can't really win this...
  7. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    True. I think it's been clear that the west decided not to get drawn in on these nuclear threat talks. Talking about nuclear weapons like anyone can win that kind of warfare is stupid.
  8. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    Come on. Trump was an idiot, but bombing Ukraine? Nah.
  9. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    So because Ukraine have called you out you feel hurt? Must be tough for you sitting in your peace and having to listen to these insults from a desperate country under attack. Jesus christ.
  10. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    Hell Yeah Japan. Brothers in arms!
  11. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    It's so fecking horrible.
  12. Man jailed for racially abusing Marcus Rashford on twitter

    Deserved! Hopefully this will make other idiots think twice.
  13. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    From what i understand, when russia found out they couldn't take Kiev, the real bombing of civilians started, most likely to demoralize any defenders. I doubt even satan would welcome pootin.
  14. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    Something make me uneasy about leaks like this. I don't know anything about this guy, but i don't see why Putin needs to hear about his "outburst of emotions". This man could potentially be part of a coup against Putin, no need for him to disappear from the earth. Maybe i'm making too much out...
  15. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    Yeah, i don't see how this benefits european countries as well. Not to mention some countries have had to massively increase military budgets because of the increased threat.