Custis: Sir Alex Ferguson tells players they’ll Make United Great Again! #MUGA


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Feb 20, 2017
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All the way? He's not being driven there from London. Also, Rossi is in Manchester judging from his twitter. An ex-United player without a club. Where might he train to keep fit? Who does he know with lots of contacts in the football world that might help him find a new club as he has done for numerous other ex-United players? It's a more reasonable explanation than Sir Alex being spirited in to manage the first team at 77 years old, after a health problem that nearly killed him:confused:
:devil:Oh, Rossi's back? Always like him, shame it didn't worked for him at United.
Maybe he's back to train with the club, happened many times before with our ex-players, even other people eg. Bolt.

Anyway, let's say Rossi is also there, I think SAF have many aims when he came to visit -- meeting Rossi, meeting the staffs and Ole, encouraging the players, and who knows there may be works behind the scene.

Haven't check yet true or not, but it's said Ferguson visited the first team training, actual reasons why? who knows.


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May 5, 2009
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He seems very much more involved since the sacking of Jose. Has been in and around the squad a lot more. Or was going to visit ex players then too?

Would make sense to meet ex players in a neutral place. Maybe like he did with his class of 92 a few weeks back? But no, that wouldn’t make sense.
If he struggles to meet an ex player because of his condition I would assume he would also struggle to manage a team from behind the scenes?

I don't really get your thinking in all this.

Anyway a win today and they can keep doing whatever they are doing in the background:devil:
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Oct 2, 2016
Rossi as manager, Fergie DoF, Ole attack coach, Micky Phelan CEO, Ed cleaning the bogs :drool:

I'm at the point now where any ex United staff member from 2013 or before is more than welcome to turn up at Carrington and mooch about/have a word with some players/take full training/run the club from the very top. Anything that reminds the current crop who we are and what we're about and works to dilute in any way the rubbish we've had going on at the club for the past few years is fine by me.