Day 9: Cameroon vs Serbia | South Korea vs Ghana | Brazil vs Switzerland | Portugal vs Uruguay

This is kind of new, all the subs coming on to celebrate. Book ALL OF THEM!
They should honestly just put a link to this game in any online dictionary under terrible defending.
Harsh for Serbia but they have it all to do it now. Staring at exit and the heat wont help
Nonsense, Tite has been great.

No way Fred will wear the #10

And for reference, we have already reached 2 finals with this coach in the Copa America.
Copa Amwrica is not a real final. Its irrelevant. And the problem is not the number that Fred would wear.
Serbia's open fault. How did they give a corner away under no pressure from the half way line? :lol: :lol:

Come on Cameroon hold on to this.
Serbia was undefeated with 6 wins and 2 draw...This is why you shouldn't trust pre-world cup form.
Argentina is another example.
Taking out Onana was a horrible decision. This keeper is fecking shit with the ball at his feet.
That was the whole point - Onana was not 'traditional' enough

Not the most likeable team this Cameroon, has to be said. Used to be a great footballing nation, now it feels like personal toy of Eto'o