How important is being a nuisance?


Sailor vee, this is a right off.
Apr 16, 2015
The stable
Nuisance (noun)

The Cambridge Dictionary defines nuisance as "something or someone that annoys you or causes trouble for you"

The word derives from the Latin nocere meaning to harm. Latin was spoken all over Europe during the Roman Empire. Today a new language is spoken - football.

Like the Roman Gladiators, modern footballers do battle on the pitch. No doubt, some Gladiators were a nuisance and that trend continues today.

Perhaps the Romans asked the same question: How important is being a nuisance in football?

Specifically, how important is it in a tactical set-up. We often hear of players being played for their ability to be a nuisance yet it seems like a strange talent to have.

The likes of Fellaini, who would have made a fine Gladiator, have been called a nuisance due to his size, body and flailing elbows.


Ominously close to getting banned
Oct 30, 2010
Pretty important... McTominay, Williams, Fred, Fernandes, Rashford, James are all nuisances due to their willingness to get about the pitch and get stuck in.