NFL 2022

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Couldn't wait until March you motherfecker
March 16 is the start of the new league year - what is this gestapo locking the thread bullshit
Just saw that vid before thread closed @calodo2003

When I first got into NFL in the 80s (C4), started hearing about this “great Pittsburgh team” of the 70s and how things could have been different if this play hadn’t happened or if the play decision had been different.

I love these ”moments” in sport and how one game/incident ending differently could have changed things. Still use Franco Harris as my icon in NfL fantasy.

AB is finished imo. Can't see any NFL team falling for his drama queenish antics again.

Seems like Rodgers’ is need of some attention again.
In the last photo he posted there, AAron is always standing in the middle of Cobb and Adams but is now missing. The date 22022022 reads the same when reversed. War is returning to the western Eurasian steppes. Can all mean only one thing…

He’s going to Denver folks.
As someone said in the replies to the tweet, the most likely next step feels like him going on Pat McAfee and saying it didn’t mean anything and people read into stuff too much, because he just lives for attention.

^ called it

"Just came out of a 12-day cleanse", ffs fecking hippie.
That cleanse involved therapeutic vomiting.

Not even joking about that one.

Need to remember that one for when I get home from the pub next Friday.
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