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Brentford 1:1 Manchester United

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Sat, 30 March 2024


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Feb 3, 2015
Charm City, MD
We don't, or at least they are not clear if you watch the players.

In games like this when clearly nothing is working I've started to focus on trying to watch individual players, just for five minutes or so (not easy if you are not present in the ground, but still possible even on TV)) watching what they do and where they go, its amazing what you see, players detached either in their positioning, their culpability in 'ball watching', the lack of communication with those around them, the amount of times they are caught on 'their heels' when they should be on the front foot. Set plays are the only time when they seem to be sure about what to do... not that it helps that much.

What do they do at Carrington?
Thanks for the feedback, it's depressing.


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Dec 30, 2013
I'm in a new timezone and was up late so I decided to power on for one more hour to catch the match, I never regretted a decision of not to sleep more. In fact until Ten Hag decides to stop dying on the hill of never benching or dropping Bruno and Rashford, and constantly bringing on the useless Antony as a first sub, and continues to play the soul destroying, half high press half low block with a midfield canal type football, I will not lose even a minute of my sleep to watch United play.

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