Potential of the current United squad.

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  1. Aug 9, 2018

    OldSchoolManc Full Member

    Feb 3, 2018
    With the 2018 window now shut, we know the squad for the coming season.
    I think there’s a lot more to come from certain players if only they would play at the level that they are capable of.
    Last season, we all saw a team that seemed incapable of making simple passes at times, falling asleep on the ball, not making good attacking runs and generally, not clicking well as a team.
    Here’s my ratings out of ten, for how I think players are playing compared to their top level. I hope most, if not all of them step it up this season...
    I’ve only included players that will mostly be 1st team and subs coming on.

    David De Gea 9.5 - Cannot fault him for United, apart from penalties...

    Antonio Valencia 8 - I’m afraid that his top level isn’t much more than what we’ve seen, if only he could cross the ball past the first man...

    Ashley Young 8 - Also don’t think there’s much more we can ask of a former attacking winger playing wingback, especially at his age.

    Eric Bailly 7 - Great when on song and fully fit. Not often fully fit...

    Victor Lindelof 6 - Needs to work on heading and positioning, but I think there’s a lot more to come from him.

    Chris Smalling 7 - When he’s good and concentrating, he’s our best header of the ball. Too many lapses of concentration though.

    Phil Jones 5 - Too panic stricken, too injured, too Sunday league. Despite this, his A game is really good.

    Luke Shaw 5 - I hope he can step up big time this season. Has never been the same since the leg break.

    Nemanja Matic 8 - Great when on song and fully fit, but needs to be rested at least occasionally!

    Paul Pogba 7 - Still only occasionally see the best of him, if he can play for us like he plays for France...

    Alexis Sanchez 6 - We all know that he was a shadow of himself when he joined in January. Let’s hope the rest gets him back to his former self.

    Jesse Lingard 8 - I don’t think his top level is much more than he’s shown, it’s just a case of consistency.

    Marcus Rashford 6 - Nowhere near his best last season. Hopefully fresh with a point to prove after about a minute of play at the World Cup.

    Anthony Martial 5 - We all know what he can do when he can be bothered. Needs to be bothered all the time, prove a point and work for the team

    Juan Mata 8 - Sadly, I think we’ve seen about the best we’re gonna see from Juan. Not got the pace for the right and he’ll rarely be used as a 10.

    Ander Herrera 7 - I have seen great team play from Ander, but not last season. Not entirely sure he will come good again.

    Romelu Lukaku 8 - Okay first season and definitely improved his all round game. With better service, he could be challenging for the golden boot.

    Anyone else, for example - Fred and Andreas Pereira - are an unknown quantity, but the signs are good!

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    RedorDead21 Full Member

    Jul 16, 2013
    Like I've said I think we can win it. I think City have a better squad but I'd expect a drop from them this season. if that isn't the case I think we'll finish 2nd again. The results against the bottom 6 is the obvious area of improvement as a team regardless of the individuals. This squad can post 90 points on the board. If thats not enough....you need to look towards investment not just improvement....
  3. Aug 9, 2018

    OldSchoolManc Full Member

    Feb 3, 2018
    I love your positivity in this sea of negative vibes!
    Before we’ve even kicked a ball in anger, our own fans are writing us off. Firing on all cylinders, this team has great potential.