The need for consistency with protests


Oct 31, 2005
Over the years there have been several protests about the owners, most notably the green and gold campaign and yesterday's protests. What they have in common is they took place when the team was no longer top of the league.
The green and gold campaign soon died down when we started to win the league again in two of Fergie's last three seasons, even though the writing was on the wall and then some.
It's no good only protesting when the side aren't matching expectations, which for United should be winning, or at least realistically challenging for the league, and being in the mix in the later stages of the Champions League.
As soon as we won the league in 07 the protests and movements against the Glazers disappeared from the public eye only to return when we lost Ronaldo and Tevez in the same window and replaced them with Owen, Obertan and Valencia.
Then we started winning the league again the green and gold flags started to disappear but all it did was enable the Glazers to continue to rinse the club and line their own pockets.
I guess what I am trying to say is there needs to be a constant and consistent protest against our owners, not just when they want to join a European Super League and don't buy the superstar players we want.


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Jan 17, 2021
Not sure it’s consistency that’s needed but a focused protests with achievable aims.

it’s not difficult to spot the problem with the “In light of the disgraceful ESL debacle we’re fighting to get the money men out of football and maybe get sold to those billionaire owners City have who took them into the ESL” argument.

Yet anyone who notices is a “plastic”


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Oct 1, 2000
One of the challenges has always been that a large proportion of the world-wide fan-base who simply don't fully understand the protests - it doesn't truly resonate with most of them unfortunately. Calling for 'Glazer's Out' in the wake of not winning the league or not signing the right 'big name' in the summer transfer window has never been the point. Naturally, this has been reflected in the scale and timing of the protests but it has never gone away; Contrary to Mr Souness' claims, in 2010 we were protesting have won back-to-back league titles and a European Cup.

As you say, the pattern is for the owners next move to be one that will appease some fans; a 'big name' signing for example (and they're not going to be dipping into their own pockets to do that...) United have always made 'big' signings under the Glazer ownership - and will continue to do so. But those with the counter argument that United have 'spent x in however many years' are also missing the point; under an ownership with the club's interests at heart would have spent considerably more (and more wisely) and they would have put more money back into improving the facilities and infrastructure (to name just two issues with our owner's model!)

However I feel we have hit something of a turning point in the last two weeks; the ESL debacle has shone a huge light on just how our owners are operating and their true motivations. Whether you agree with some of the events yesterday or not, what has done is a great job of highlighting the (true) cause and educating the wider fan-base, the media and the authorities.