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  • Post a Tweet from a banned source (see below for the banned sources) unless they have held an interview with a player
  • Post a non-English Tweet without a basic translation. Suggested translators: Google Translate, DeepL, Reverso
  • Post anything from aggregator accounts (e.g. utdreport) without the original source.
    • Exception: an aggregator's Tweet is retweeted by the source. The Tweet must then be accompanied by a message/screenshot indicating this. Otherwise, the Tweet will not be allowed.
  • Post Tweets that Tweets that don't refer to a transfer story (example)
    • Post them in quotes/spoilers to avoid putting them into the feed
  • Post more than 3 Tweets per post. Otherwise, they will not show up in the Transfer Tweets feed.
  • Post anything that was tweeted more than three days ago. If it wasn't posted before then, nobody cares.
    • If you want to post an old Tweet as a reference, make sure to quote/spoiler it to avoid putting it into the feed.
  • Post off-topic comments or hold extended discussions over a single Tweet (that span multiple pages). Create a new thread instead.
What Kind of Tweets should I Post?
  • Player transfers, free signings, contract extensions, or releases
  • Managerial transfers, signings, contract extensions, or releases
  • Football executive appointments/releases (DoF/Sporting Director, Technical Director, Head of Negotiations, etc.)
  • Transfer plans + any impacts to them
  • Transfer budgets + any impacts to them
The teams that you can post Tweets for: all non-UEFA leagues (top-flight leagues recommended)

The Caf now has its own pair of tier lists (one for United sources, and one for everything else). You can find them and more here. For your convenience, here are the list of banned sources (as of May 27, 2024):
Source (Individual)Source (Media Outlet)
Simon Jones
Mark Goldbridge (@markgoldbridge)
Stephen Howson (@MrStephenHowson)
Tom McDermott (@MrTomMcDermott)
Terry Flewers (@terryflewers)
z (@zeeshanxz)
Ross Harwood (@RossHarwood_)
mufcmpb (@mufcMPB)
SCOOP. (@AcademyScoop)
Nicolò Schira (@NicoSchira)
Ekrem Konur (@Ekremkonur)
Pedro Almeida (@pedrogva6)
Rudy Galetti (@RudyGaletti)
Jacque Talbot (@jac_talbot)
Simon Phillips (@siphillipssport) - Chelsea
Tancredi Palmeri (@tancredipalmeri)
Kevin Palmer (@RealKevinPalmer)
Dean Jones (@DeanJonesSoccer)
Indykaila (@indykaila)
محمد الكعبي (@Qatari)
Shay Lugassi (@Shlugassi)
Eduardgo Hagn (@EduardoHagn) - exclusives only
Any other aggregator/ITK account that is not in a higher tier
The Sun
Daily Mail
Daily Star
Manchester Evening News (@ManUtdMEN)
Bleacher Report
BBC Gossip
Sky Sports Paper Talk
Don Balon (@DonBalon)
Diario Gol (@diarioGOLcom) (@fichajesnet)
El Chiringuito (@elchiringuitotv) - Spanish football/players
Fussball Transfers (@FT_Redaktion)
Jeunes Footeux
le10sport (@le10sport)
But! Football Club (@club_but)
Corriere dello Sport (@CorSport)
Tuttosport (@tuttosport)
All Italian transfer sites (e.g.,, TuttoMercatoWeb)
Transfermarkt (@transfermarkt)
Football Transfers (@Transfersdotcom)
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