United Hour - Old Trafford Protests Special

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May 26, 2016
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Join us for a deep delve into what went down at Old Trafford on Sunday with the #ProtectTheLegacy protests.

Nik and Jamie are joined by old skool Caftard Shane Bluck (@Shane B) who gives his first hand account of the pre-match protest.
We then discuss all the ramifications of the unprecedented match postponement - will the club be punished? when will the match be replayed? what is next for the protest movement?

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I wonder how many old skool Caftards that would remember @Shane B are even still around?!

Did want to post a link to the letter from the Fans Forum which sets out the aims for this protest as there seems to be a lot of questions about the ultimate goals and next steps for this campaign

Most important part:

1.Willingly and openly engage and promote the government initiated fan-led review of football and use this as an opportunity to rebalance the current ownership structure in the favour of supporters and not approach this review defensively to fight for the status quo​
2. Appoint independent directors to the board whose sole purpose is to protect the interest of the club as a football club, not its shareholders and their focus on profits over results​
3. Work with the Manchester United Supporters Trust and supporters more broadly to put in place a share scheme that is accessible to all and that has shares with the same voting rights as those held by the Glazer family​
4. Commit to full consultation with season ticket holders on any significant changes to the future of our club, including the competitions we play in​
5. Provide a commitment by Joel Glazer that any costs incurred in relation to the creation of, or withdrawal from, the European Super League will be funded solely by the Glazer family and not by the club itself.​
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