The Newbie System

Upon registering, Newbie members have restricted posting privileges:

  • 3 posts per day allowed in the Main Football Forums.
  • until Newbies have reached 50 posts and at least 2 likes, their Main Football Forum posts will be reviewed by moderators and approved before they become visible to all members
  • unlimited posting privileges in the Newbie Forums
The following restrictions apply when posting in the Main Football Forums:
  • cannot post in the Match Day discussions (requires 4 likes)
  • cannot embed images or media in your posts (requires 5 likes)
  • cannot view the Main General Forum yet (requires 8 likes)
  • cannot create new threads (requires 10 likes)
  • cannot post in non-Football Forums (requires 10 likes)

This system is to ensure that the quality of posts in the Main Forums remains high and that the site is not left open to idiots who only register to spam the forums. The site Admins, Moderators and Scouts review posts made by Newbies and award 'Likes' for posts that are deemed of high quality and indicate that the Newbie will be a good contributor to the Main Forums.

As Newbies are awarded more likes, their Main Football Forums privileges are increased until they become a Full Members upon receiving their 10th like. This works as follows:

1 Like

  • Post in the Main Football Forums do not require moderator approval
  • Only 3 posts per day are allowed in the Main Football Forums
  • Images and media CANNOT be embedded in posts in the Main Football Forums
  • New threads CANNOT be created in the Main Football Forums
  • The main General Forum CANNOT be viewed
  • Full unrestricted access to the Newbie Forums remains


  • Daily post limit in the Main Football Forums increased to 5


  • Unrestricted posting in Match Day discussions


  • Images and media can be embedded in posts in the Main Football Forums


  • Daily post limit in Main Football Forums increased to 10


  • Read access granted to the Main General Forum


  • Promotion to full member status
  • Full access to all Main Forums
  • No daily post restrictions
  • New threads can be created in any forum
  • Newbie Forums access removed

Quality Control

Posts by Newbies that are deemed to be of poor quality, spammy or break the rules, will be disliked by admins, moderators and scouts. The moderation team regularly reviews Newbies who have multiple disliked posts and/or rules violations.

If a Newbie is deemed not suitable for the site, they will be permanently banned. This is to ensure the quality of discussion on the entire forum remains high.