Rules Violations

The following lists some of the most common rules violations that occur on the site. Please familiarise yourself with them and avoid the kind of behaviour described.

Breaches of these rules will result in warnings from the moderation team. If you receive multiple warnings you will be banned from the site.

Extreme rules violations may result in an immediate ban.

Insulting another member


  • Shut up you mong!
  • Duffy is a right pedantic cunt!

Also, the following words are particularly frowned upon: 'retard', 'spastic', 'mong'.

Insulting the moderators/admins

Violation of this rule will result in an immediate ban.


  • Screw you mods, you're a bunch of nazi cnuts.

Threatening another member


  • I ever meet you in the street, you better watch out.
  • You and me pal, outside the Tollgate on Saturday, we'll settle this there.

Inappropriate jokes


  • Rape in any joke form.
  • Paedophilia in any joke form.

Excessive bad language


  • Fuck this, fuck that, fuck everything!

Shouting (i.e. ALL CAPS)



Soft porn / partial nudity imagery or videos

Posts with sexually provocotive imagery/videos with nudity are not allowed.


  • The kind of imagery FHM and Maxim publish

Explicit porn / nude imagery or videos

Anything with explicit nudity of breasts, ass, private parts etc.

Violation of this rule will result in an immediate ban.

Explicitly advertising a third party site

Linking to other sites is fine, as long as it's in the context of the discussion and adds value to it. Example: linking to a blog post related to the thread; linking to another forum discussing the same thing.

The following kind of post is not allowed:

  • Hey guys, come check out my awesome site at

Violation of this rule will result in an immediate ban.

Spamming a thread with gibberish

Violation of this rule will result in an immediate ban.



Excessive text speak


  • U r so full of h8 m8!
  • So u didn't c da game yesterday?

Taking a thread off topic

Do not derail threads with posts that are not related to the topic of the discussion. Either find/create another more relevant thread or send a private message if you want to discuss something off topic with people contributing to the thread.

Getting into an argument with someone

Similar to taking a thread off topic, if you are getting into a heated argument with someone in a thread, start a private conversation with that person so you do not take the thread off topic.

Wishing injury on a player, United or otherwise


  • I hope Rooney breaks his leg!
  • Flamini needs to die!

Excessive use of smilies

A post containing just a single smilie is frowned upon e.g. , please try and contribute something more valuable.

A post containing multiple smilies and little else of value to the discussion will receive more severe punishment.

Multiple accounts

You are only allowed one account on this site. Duplicate accounts will be banned and repeat offences will result in a permanent ban on all of your accounts.

A couple of specifics

Using rape or cancer references as an analogy is not acceptable. Generic images, memes and gifs (popcorn eating etc) are not allowed in the football forums, they are treated as off-topic.

Reporting Posts

If you see a post that you feel breaks these rules please hit the Report link at the top of the post, this will allow it to be dealt with quickly, preferably before a problem escalates. A Report link is available on PMs as well.

Quality control

Instead of a warning a modmin may “dislike” your post (dislikes are only visible to modmins). Dislikes are often the result of a series of over-negative, hysterical, provocative, childish or just plain pointless posts. If you get too many disliked posts it may be converted into a warning asking you to revise your posting style or even a ban.