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  1. South Korean media reports that Son was racially abused by Ole

    Spurs will do/say anything to divert the attetion from the fact that they lost to United. Pathetic to play the racism card.
  2. Potential striker signings (who aren't named Haaland)

    The only calibre of players i want in is Håland,Sancho or Mbappe so im ready to be dissappointed again this summer.
  3. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    What does Bailly have to do to get a start in games like this..tired of Lindelof and Maguire partnership! It doesnt work Solskjaer
  4. West Bromwich Albion vs Manchester United

    Can Solskjaer stop using Lindelof ffs
  5. Michael Owen has always been a cringe monster

    Michael Owen the gift that keeps on giving. “That would’ve been a goal had it gone inside the post.” ‘If there’s a bit of rain about, it makes the surface wet’
  6. Phil Jones Future

    Club legend of the physioroom.
  7. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    Fecking Lindeløf..
  8. Liverpool vs Manchester United

    Lindeløf instead of Bailly..its a loss
  9. Jesse Lingard | 2020/21 Performances

    Excatly. Owners havent learned nothing. If anyone would pay for Lingard,he would be sold by now.
  10. Jesse Lingard | 2020/21 Performances

    He joins the great extensions with among phil Jones etc
  11. Klopp post-match meltdown

    Klopp aint wrong about how stupid it is to not use 5 subs in PL. And about the early games on saturday when you played in europe a couple of days before. In other countries they let the teams in europe play sunday evenings while the PL seems to want to sabotage the english teams. So weird.
  12. Post match vs Arsenal

    Why Mctominay stays on the field is a fecking riddle. Tactics missed. Shit game.
  13. Manchester United vs Chelsea

    Was hoping Donny could start instead of James.
  14. Axel Tuanzebe | 2020/21 Performances

    Didint he win all aerial duels against PSG ?
  15. Our debt has increased 133% to £474.1 million

    This is a football fan forum not an accountant forum so stop acting like a fecking arrogant jerk who thinks he knows everything. Your post doesnt add any value other than i shouldnt voice my opinion cause i dont know how accounting works. I wont answer any more of your posts,life is too short.