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  1. Fred | 2020/21 Performances

    Think his form had dropped since the 2nd half against Arsenal, but this was an excellent all-around performance.
  2. McTominay and Fred, do we need both?

    They're both useful and we shouldn't be selling either atm. Matic is the one on his last legs that we need to worry about replacing, and likely Pogba too.
  3. United Hour - Top of the Klopps!

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. Jose Mourinho Sack Watch | Last 6 league games: LLLWLL

    They have plenty of attackers. Bergwijn, Bale, Lamela, Alli, Vinicius, and Moura were all on the bench and he still chose to start Sissoko on the right. He's just overly defensive. It is what it is.
  5. Romelu Lukaku | Inter watch | "I can never be wrong in terms of positioning/movement" | Knocks Inter out of Europe by blocking a 90th minute winner

    Seems like the move has worked out for all parties involved. United, Lukaku, and Inter will all be happy with it. I'm not particularly missing him.
  6. Harry Maguire | 2020/21 Performances

    What a ridiculous assessment
  7. United Hour - Semi Blues Deja Vu

    I think Lindelof is good enough to be in the squad as a rotation CB, but we need Bailly or Axel to come good as the foil for Maguire or to buy in the market. I didn't even think Lindelof was bad yesterday, but his defending on the set piece for City's opener was so weak, and in general I think...
  8. Paul Pogba | 2020/21 Performances

    I thought when he came on up until our 2nd goal, his addition gave us far more control than we had prior, but his effort to do anything in the build up to the equalizer was really poor and why I think we just need to move on. You can make the claim that Fred shouldn't chase the ball there and...
  9. Timo Werner | Chelsea Player

    He's not a winger, he's a support striker off a proper center forward. I think he's being misused in a system that doesn't suit his strengths and is actually exposing his weaknesses.
  10. A serious look at Mauricio Pochettino

    They weren't nearly better everywhere else and they certainly didn't play that way that season. Quite literally Spurs entire back 4 and GK was better than City's by a significant margin in that season. Kane was also better than Aguero, so that's 6 positions right there where Spurs had superior...
  11. A serious look at Mauricio Pochettino

    Their collective XI was the strongest of all teams that year. There's a reason why City had to spend a load on FBs following the season and why Chelsea dropped off when they didn't strengthen effectively in the transfer window and had more fixtures with CL. Wanyama was excellent that season...
  12. A serious look at Mauricio Pochettino

    They had the strongest XI in the league in 16/17 by quite a margin imo. They had the best goal difference and were top in goals scored and against. Chelsea had an advantage as they didn't have European football that year, but certainly Spurs absolutely could have won that with City, Liverpool...
  13. A serious look at Mauricio Pochettino

    He clearly did a good job at Spurs but he absolutely had a team good enough to win the league in 15/16 and 16/17. That he didn't do so doesn't make him an abject failure or anything, but it does mean he's not perfect or even certain to deliver silverware for United in a league I feel is more...
  14. Pochettino watch | PSG Manager (18 month contract)

    Think again
  15. Problems between Fernandes and Matic?

    Matic has won nothing with Manchester United and Pogba's last trophy was the Europa League in 2017 at club level. I don't care if they're resentful about it so long as it elicits the proper reaction on the pitch, and so far at United his vocal disagreements with teammates have only had positive...