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  1. Solskjaers Legacy

    Spot on. The table does not lie (not that much anyway) and 3rd and 2nd are acceptable finishes all things considering. That bolded part is also incredibly important. I know recent events may cloud our vision a bit, but we didnt always look as terrible as we did this season, and imo that has...
  2. Solskjaers Legacy

    His legacy will be stabilizing the club and assembling a really good squad, but ultimately lacking the tactical and technical ability to compete with the best. And lets be honest here, with Klopp, Pep and Tuchel leading extremely talented sides, i cant remember the PL being more competitive than...
  3. Scott McTominay | 2021/22 Performances

    Squad player at best. He'll have 4-5 really good games over the course of a season, but the remainder are like today where hes among the bottom 3 performers on the team. Hes a good lad and i love his attitude, but his skills are not up to standard if we want to compete for the big prizes
  4. Ralf Rangnick | Interim manager

    Good start. Didnt create that many chances, but were in full control none the less
  5. What went wrong this year for Ole?

    1. Blatant favouritism towards some players. Maguire for instance has been beyond shit the whole season and has single handedly cost us in a lot of games 2. This favourtism will also lead to dressing room unrest. How does Donny and Baily feel when they constantly gets overlooked for players who...
  6. Rank our post-SAF managers

    Ole/Jose Moyes LvG Jose actually won some stuff and got us the best league result, but the damage he did to the team in his last season pulls him back a bit. Ole got back to back top 4, which is decent and i still think he did well in refreshing the squad, albeit its a bit top heavy at the...
  7. Official: Solskjær has left his role as manager

    I think he and the rest of the coaching team are living on borrowed time here. A new manager is going to want to bring his own guys and i cant see any reason why the club should keep Carrick, McKenna and Phelan on board
  8. Ole’s farewell interview

    The squad is much, much better then the one he inherited. Shame he and his coaches had no idea how to get them to play
  9. Ten Hag (end of the season) or Rodgers (now)

    Ten Haag. Rodgers bottled the league with Pool and top 4 twice with Leicester. Hes better than Ole, but what's the point of replacing someone not good enough with someone almost good enough
  10. Ole Sack Watch

    In an ideal world yes, but i honestly think Ten Haag amongst others have too much integrity to leave their respective clubs in the middle of the season, just like that. Hopefully our useless board is working behind the scenes to get his signature though
  11. Ole Sack Watch

    Ffs. Just pull the plug already. One thing is the results, but we are playing worse than ever.
  12. Would you take Ralf Rangnick as manager?

    100% yes. Then move him upstairs and get Ten Haags for next season.
  13. 11 damning stats from today’s SNAFU

    I thought it would be best if Ole managed to scrape top 4 while we secured Ten Haags signature, but as this season pans out it looks more and more like a we need a change now. Simply embarrassing
  14. Ole Sack Watch

    No apology needed, it was i who misunderstood. But yeah, when Ole leaves, so should the staff. According to this and other reports, Ole himself is little involved in the coaching, but i just find it increasingly absurd how it never crossed his mind to replace any of his coaches. Dont even need...
  15. Which midfielder do you prefer?

    This. At least in the current set up we would need to midfidlers with a lot of defensive fibers.