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  • hiya I posted a link to a blog I have written on a thread on the newbies forum and this was deleted. I didn't know that it wasn't allowed. Can I ask why?
    Hello brewlio, I'm a Manchester supporter from Portugal! =)
    I would like to know if there's a possability that you Sir could afford me to Manhester Transfer Forum topics to post, i decide to sign in in this forum because the news of Manchester in João Mário and Renato Sanches, i have big issues and information from something that is happening in Portugal that you guys need to know!
    Good day.
    How do I find out what my 'number of likes received' entitles me to?
    By not asking brews.
    Heh. I am in mains anyway
    Hi brewlio, just want to know. Is the newbie forum closed completely? not even for viewing?
    If I want to view my post in newbie forum to see if I have some replies, is it possible?

    Cheers for the likes mate.
    You can't view the newbie once you're promoted unfortunately. Enjoy the mains man. See yer round (like a donut).
    Once your in the mains, Is it possible to get a like you wrote in the newbies.
    Hi mate.

    I'm doing a study on the impact of foreign ownership in the EPL for my final project at university. I am struggling to get responses for my questionnaire. I was just wondering if there is any way you could help me raise awareness to some City fans for my questionnaire. If not, no problem. If you'd like to respond yourself that would be great.

    i have posted in newbie forum looking for help from fellow Reds. The response has been great and lots have suggested I contact a staff member to see if you could put my post on the main forum to get even more much needed help from my fellow United this possible?
    it is possible
    Hi, if it's not too much to ask, can you capitalize the T in my username. So i'd like to go from theafonis to Theafonis. Thank you.
    Only admins can do shizzle like that. Feel free to ask your peril. Good luck.
    Why 2 point warning? I'm just asking out of curious, also where's the rule that I can't thank people in their profile? Rado_N thanked you too, are you gonna warn him?
    Rado is a mod. My advice would be piss off unless you want a line through your username, smart ass.
    Hi. just got promoted to the Mains but I can't see the Newbie. I've been told to ask you if I still want access the Newbie.

    Hi, I was wondering if I could close down my account and re-start a new one? Thanks
    Only just clocked this.

    Probably not tbh. But PM the details why and at least we'll consider it. Ta.
    could I?
    TheBest - "Its more like a strange thing that happened to me. When I was in junior school, my friend had his hands inside my pants and was masturbating slowly during the lecture. Ok I could've stopped him but I was a bit confused and it doesn't feel bad in fairness."
    I am trying to access forum via tapatalk, but it doesnt work, why ?
    thanks for help :)
    it appears he didn't help you
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