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  • Hi mate, has pocco been banned or on a sabbatical? If it's the latter, how long for? Cheers
    Banned for 2 days
    Thanks mate!
    Hi Damien, any chance I could get a couple of likes to take me up to 10 posts per day? In the middle of a couple of discussions but have to wait until midnight to post again?
    Hi Damien, I keep getting a pop-up vodafone scam thing that only seems to appear when I'm on the Caf. It's one of those "you've won a prize" etc things. Thing is, it's a re-direct rather than just a pop up so I have to keep going in and out the page. Not sure if it is something that you can look at on your end or if it is happening to anyone else. Just seems to be happening when I'm using Windows.
    I'd recommend contacting Niall and giving as much information as possible - which page it happens on (if a specific page), the place it redirects you to, your OS and browser version. You've given me a fair bit of that information but give as much info to Niall and he should be able to pinpoint and remove it. Sorry for any inconvenience. With the adverts we use, a rogue one slips through the net occasionally.
    Will do. Thanks Damien
    Hey mate, can you do me a favor and like one of my messages! I desperately want to get to the next level :-)
    Would it be possible to have my account deleted please ? I have spoken to another staff member about this recently.
    I can ban your account but to have it deleted, you need to use the 'Contact Us' form at the bottom of the site and submit your request there formally.
    Hi I am meant to have full membership with no restrictions but can't post on the MU forum.
    Hello there! Bit of slow day at the office, was wondering if you can change my nickname to Avocado? Cheers
    Hey - I'm bit annoyed with my current username. I tried creating another account with the name "1988" but it got banned cus of the multiple accounts rule. Is it possible to change my current username from pseudonym to 1988?
    Can you ban people? I want to ask you to ban me until the last day of july 2019. I need to focus in the studies and some usuaries here are angry me recently.
    Hi Damien, just wondering how to start giving other users likes. I'm a newbie. Can i give likes?
    Only members of staff and scouts can currently give likes
    Thank you.
    it's the thought that counts
    Hi Damien, wondering if theres any chance of having my account and all posts removed from the cafe?

    Yep, if you're sure.
    Deleted member 52326
    yes i'm sure...cheers for the memories. i'll still be lurking on occasion
    Hi Damien,

    Is it possible to change my username to “tidraKS”.

    Thanks a lot mate.
    Hi Damien,

    Could you please change my name to redchamp if available (or something similar with numbering, underscores if necessary)? Just trying to unlink accounts with personal details across the web.

    PS many thanks for your great work on this site.
    Any update on this?
    Apologies I didn't get an alert. Changing now.
    Thanks! Much appreciated
    why do it say that I do not have sufficient credit to post here on the player's performance thread? I always had it until yesterday.
    They're closed during matches. Once the game is over you'll be able to post.
    Hi Damien,

    About your posts in women's team social media, I clicked the spoiler on Ella Toone and Casey stories, and the pics not showing. I use mobile to view Redcafe. Already switched to desktop site and still no pic. Everything else is okay though, like instagram, twitter, streamable. Maybe I'm doing this wrong, any suggestions?
    Aww yes. Definitely with the imgur. Was okay some time ago, maybe ISP block. Thanks. I can see the pics with VPN now.

    Ah this is annoying but I'll live. Thanks again Damien.
    Ah sorry to hear. Hope it sorts itself out at some point. At least you know where the issue resides. I can try to use a different host but not sure what site is as reliable as imgur to host images.
    Ah it's okay. At least as you said now I know the issue is.
    Hey, is it possible to request a username change to Robert? somewhat obvious reasons, I selected this username almost a decade ago long before the guy was convicted for sex crimes :/
    Swift as you like, very much appreciated sir.
    Muffled funk
    Thank god no one called robert was ever convicted of sex crimes.
    Muffled funk
    It's like damien is rehousing convicted pedos, I for one don't want a molester on my forum. changing your name won't hide you robert, you sick feck
    Hi, could I have my username changed. Just trying to unlink accounts across the web with personal details and similar names etc... could you change it to Player Red if available?
    Those are just 2 examples. There are more that go back a bit further but I can't get access to them. Re the examples I sent you: I can understand the reaction. However just feel I'm getting murdered with that name.
    Not heard anything for a while now re changing my name on the caf. Hope you've come to a decision and I can continue posting under a new name. Appreciate you getting back to me asap.
    Decision still hasn't been made. Could you link me to the posts that are referencing your name please? Would make the decision easier/quicker to come to.
    Ok so no decision been made yet?
    Not yet. Staff are in different timezones so it is taking a bit of time to come to a decision.
    Have the staff come to a decision yet?
    Ok respect that. Grateful if you would remove Crazy Horse from the Caf and let me kmow when it's been done.
    Ignore Muffled funk and Eboue. They have nothing to do with the staff on here.
    Thanks, wait to hear from you.
    Muffled funk
    Sorry Crazy Horse but the members of staff have voted and denied your request
    this is muffled funks boss, he has been fired for being a moron. also your request is denied.
    Just wondered if you've managed to deal with my case re my username.
    Sorry for not replying. Discussing with the other members of staff at the moment as it is an unusual request and not one we normally do.
    Would appreciate it if my name on the Caf could be changed. Main reason: Receiving too many references towards my name and not the actual topic of discussion. Realize now it was not a good choice. I put the following suggestions forward in order of choice and hope you can sort it for me:
    In Zaire
    I would appreciate if you would do that (delete thread posts). Thank you.
    Alright, I'll sleep on it. Thank you.
    Would be a shame to lose an opposition fan so hope you do reconsider after sleeping on it. I can delete the messages from the thread if you want.
    Hi, can you please permanently delete my account? Thanks.
    Are you sure? We don't delete accounts but I can ban it.
    Damien. Also a newbie with full name showing. Could you please change to "Contano" if at all possible ? Thanks in advance, John
    Done, sorry for the delay. Didn't get an alert for some reason.
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