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  1. David Moyes West Ham Manager | Gone (pedantic sod Sarni)

    don't forget Uncle Pat!
  2. Nemanja Matić | 2017/18 Performances

    There's a reason every coach who has managed him considers him the brain on the pitch
  3. Ashley Young | 2017/18 Performances

    Please change the thread title back
  4. Liverpool - 2017/18

  5. Ryan Giggs | Interviewed for Wales job

    So far I haven't heard anything about any involvement of Peter Lim to this project. This is an initiative to develop youth football talents buy one of the biggest private enterprises in Vietnam, whose productsowner is the richest Vietnamese person right now (Pham Nhat Vuong). Seems like they are...
  6. Premier League Gameweek 11 (Nov 4th - Nov 5th 2017)

    'We aspire to be like City and should make it hard for anyone to play against'. can see the logic now
  7. It's only November, but who are your top 8 sides in Europe up to this point in time?

    A bit harsh not to include United if you already go past the limit
  8. Players you had forgotten existed

    Florent Sinama-Pongolle, thanks @donkeyfish :D Jefferson Farfan, who gave my friend and me a wtf moment when he got a yellow in the Argentina match
  9. England should get a 5th CL spot

    I don't think I have encountered a thread in which all responses are as united as this, no matter which country you are in, no matter which teams you support. maybe that's actually OP's aim?
  10. F1 2017 Season

    the ultimate perfect British GP, as complete as it can be
  11. F1 2017 Season

    what the heck?????????
  12. F1 2017 Season

    ffs Kimi's luck
  13. F1 2017 Season

  14. F1 2017 Season

  15. AC Milan 2017/18

    I'm still curious about the owner, who honestly sounds shady to me reading his background. I can't recall him anywhere near the front row Chinese businessmen, unlike Suning who are as known as businesses can be around China.