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  1. Ivan Toney - Brentford

    He is 25 and unproven in the PL. Why the hell would we sign him? He would probably be our 3rd or 4th striker.
  2. Boring, boring Man United

    I don't get how anyone can blame a manager for not playing entertaining football when managers get fired so easily when they don't get results. Finding a balance between entertaining football and football that gets you results/trophies is incredibly hard.
  3. Vincent Kompany: Man City quadruple a matter of time | Next year?

    Real also still in it. I'm hoping Bayern will win it because if either PSG or City win it I might throw up...
  4. Florian Neuhaus...

    Heard he has a 39m release clause? Should have gone for him instead of Van de Beek. It's not too late though
  5. David De Gea

    We are never going to start next season with Henderson as our first XI goalkeeper. If we sell De Gea we are going to buy a replacement and right now i don't see anyone worthy.
  6. Erling Haaland | Dortmund player

    Mbappe vs Haaland will be the new Ronaldo VS Messi. My prediction: Haaland will break the CL scoring record but Mbappe will win more trophies (if he leaves PSG)
  7. Roy Keane finally embraces modern football!

    :lol: What song is this? B52's mixed with....? It's doing my head in.
  8. United issue statement on racial abuse

    These aren't fans. Mindless idiots.
  9. The Make A Fecking Sub Ole Thread

    As bad as our players were, this one is also on Ole. It was obvious after 45 minutes that it wasn't going to work. Sure you can give them some instructions in half time and give them another 15 minutes after the break to show it but then it's time to make a sub. 60 minutes of football and barely...
  10. Manchester United vs Sheffield United

    Tuanzebe - not ready for this level yet. Can't even play decent against sheffield Matic - Not needed in a game like this. Doesn't offer any energy we so desperately need in midfield. Martial - Doesn't defend, doesn't make good runs, doesn't shoot. Bring on Cavani Rashford - Doesn't look...
  11. Manchester United vs Sheffield United

    Fred for Matic please. We need way more energy
  12. Martin Ødegaard | Arse Loan

    True, but then again: they have been small time for quite some time now. Can't see them ever getting back to the top to be honest.
  13. Is Jadon Sancho really worth the 100 plus million fee?

    2 goals and 0 assists in 15 Bundesliga games. If we can get him for 50 mill then fine but i'd rather see us go all out for Haaland, Mbappe, a central defender or one of the Leverkussen talents.
  14. Liverpool vs Manchester United

    It has to be Rashford - Cavani - Greenwood Bruno Fred - Mctominay Shaw - Maguire - Bailly - AWB We need Bailly for his pace. Cavani for his experience and workrate. Mcfred for the balance.
  15. Is Jadon Sancho really worth the 100 plus million fee?

    He has had his chance. United don't come knocking twice. He should have pushed for a move. We're clearly signing young talented right wingers at the moment and Greenwood is doing a decent job so far. I don't see a reason to spend big money on Sancho.