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  • Good morning mate! Still selling the single vs Arsenal? Which gate it is? :)
    Sorry to hear you got Covid, hope you get better soon!
    Hi mate, was wondering if you still have the Arsenal available? :)
    Hi mate, yeah I do, drop me a DM if you like!
    If still available I will take it, thanks.
    Just got promoted, hope to see you soon in the main forum. Will miss the newbies a bit :(
    What a beautiful day! Big up Cheimoon for giving a toss about newbies and regularly liking our stuff! Appreciate you mate!

    And Keano my bro, hope the main forum has been treating you well! Looking forward to chatting with you over the season pal!
    Keane's Prawn Sandwich
    Whoop whoop! Apologies for the late reply, I was in the arse end of nowhere on holiday and hardly got any internet in some Croatian mountains. I'm back now.

    Thanks @Cheimoon for all the likes and the reunion and for sending us to the big leagues!. Hopefully, we will be the greatest partnership since Yorkie and Cole :lol:
    I am rather getting Laurel & Hardie vibes personally, but sure!
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