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  1. Rooney: SAF got his tactics wrong against Barcelona

    Fergie did have his howlers, starting Anderson over Scholes in 2009 was ubelieveable. Anderson didn't play one good ball in that match, Scholes come on for the final minutes and played much better. At least Fergie admitted his mistake in his autobiography.
  2. Rooney: SAF got his tactics wrong against Barcelona

    Apparently Carlos Queiroz's tactical preparation for the 2008 semi final against Barcelona made a lot of difference.
  3. Rooney: SAF got his tactics wrong against Barcelona

    Compared to all the tactical masterminds we have here on RedCafe, what does Rooney know? He hasn't played the game professionally for years with some of the best names in football, and been coached by some brilliant minds. You're right, Rooney should shut his mouth.
  4. Rooney: SAF got his tactics wrong against Barcelona

    It think in 2009 we could have won if we played counter-attacking, like we did in the semi-final in 2008. The team didn't show up at all in 2009 which is a real shame. We made fools out of ourselves in 2009 final, which is a shame because the hype for that game was unreal.
  5. Rooney: SAF got his tactics wrong against Barcelona

    Fergie wrote in his autobiography that Rooney disappointed him in 2011 because he didn't play wide enough andpress their fullback on his sid eof the pitch. That is probably why.
  6. FA Cup Final 2020 - Arsenal v Chelsea

    I would be so angry if I were a Chelsea fan. The ref was a disgrace. NEVER a second yellow for that player who got sent off card and the penalty was soft, a 50/50. I just knew Arsenal would pull one out of the bag. I won't be surprised to see them challenging for Top 4 next seaspm. Chelsea need...
  7. FA Cup Final 2020 - Arsenal v Chelsea

    Prefer a Chelsea win but I can imagine Arsenal really playing well today and beating Chelsea.
  8. Saudis taking over Newcastle | Maybe not

    While I agree with your post, the issue is that in the Premier League, immediate success is what is required. All it take is a five game winless run for the pressure on the manager to start increasing. Brian Clough said that managers need at least three seasons to build a foundation for...
  9. Just re-watched the 2008 CL Final

    I idolized Paul Scholes growing up so for him to get his chance in the Champions League final was amazing. I couldn't believe it when Ronaldo missed his penalty. When Anelka was walking up to take his penalty I had a feeling he wouldn't score. We all know what happened next. I only wished I...
  10. Jadon Sancho - United in advanced negotiations per Fabrizio Romano

    120 million euro asking price? That is insane. So much for COVID-19 bringing princes down.
  11. I see the 'ABU' Media are back in full voice...

    I found that weird too. I found the first half to be fairly even and I felt comfortable watching the first half. I expected Keane to set them straight but he was saying how he was nervous himself. I can understand being nervous at 0-0 going into the last twenty minutes, since it was bad enough...
  12. Best/worst match of the season?

    Best: Man United 2-0 Man City Worst: Man United 0-2 Burnley
  13. Harry Maguire becomes first United outfield player to play every league minute for 25 years

    Yep we need a new CB, ideally two. He is good, but I'm not sure if he is so good he should be playing every minute of every game. Not good in itself regardles sof any player's talents, since fatigue and injuries also play a role.
  14. Brendan Rodgers - Leicester City manager

    One poster on here who is a know-it-all told me that Leicester City 'will be fine' with regards to Top 4. Now while they have done alright considering this is only the second Premiership season in which they have qualified for Europa, most people thought a while back they were nailed on to...