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  1. Television WandaVision

    That's how I felt.
  2. “ If De Bruyne (£68m) has an off day, City have Mahrez (£61m), Sterling (£57m), Silva (£45m), Foden, Gundogan (£24m), & Ferran (£21m)

    No. I'm not blaming Ole. I'm saying that's the real difference between us and City. City have the luxury of resting players because they trust their backups. We don't so we're running our starters ragged and then acting surprised when their form drops.
  3. “ If De Bruyne (£68m) has an off day, City have Mahrez (£61m), Sterling (£57m), Silva (£45m), Foden, Gundogan (£24m), & Ferran (£21m)

    But my point was that we aren't rotating our players so even at full strength we've still got an 11 made up of worn out players. The only rotation we do at all is in center mid and right wing, every once in a while Shaw gets a break. I'm not saying things are great when everyone is fit and...
  4. “ If De Bruyne (£68m) has an off day, City have Mahrez (£61m), Sterling (£57m), Silva (£45m), Foden, Gundogan (£24m), & Ferran (£21m)

    It's not even about "x" player having an off day this season, for us it's a matter of us not being able to rest Rashford or Bruno. City have the luxury of being able to rest a couple of players every week and not see much of a difference, meanwhile we've ran Rashford and Bruno in to the ground...
  5. Marcus Rashford MBE | 2020/21 Performances

    He's played pretty much every minute of every game this season, 2 games a week for ~5 months now with no real summer break either. It's no surprise him and Bruno aren't really setting the world alight right now, they need a break.
  6. Television WandaVision

    As someone who doesn't really care all that much about Marvel other than casually watching some of the movies I enjoyed the first 5-6 episodes much more than the last two. A lot of what's going on now is over my head. I did enjoy the Agatha All Along reveal though.
  7. Scott McTominay | 2020/21 Performances

    I thought he was okay, the pass at the end is putting a bad taste in people's mouth. He's just returned from injury and it didn't seem like he was actually fully fit anyway.
  8. No.1 for next season - De Gea or Henderson?

    This. Henderson may not be good enough next season but De Gea isn't good enough now either. Give Henderson his chance or else what was the point on giving him a new contract.
  9. Romelu Lukaku | Inter watch | Best K-Pass, K-Solution, K-Movement Player in Serie A

    It wasn't working out for him here and I don't think it ever would have for whatever reason. We sold him and got most of our money back. He's doing very well at Inter. Good for him. Like others have said - selling him was the right decision and just because Martial has had an appalling season...
  10. How do Barcelona rebuild?

    I wonder if Pep would ever go back?
  11. Players you have never seen play well

    Maddison and Richarlison. They're both relatively highly rated (Maddison especially) but I've never seen either of them play well. Granted I probably have watched them less than 10 times each outside of games against United.
  12. You have a £80mil Summer Transfer Budget...

    If we can't sell I'd extend Cavani, Ramos on a free, Sancho, and then hopefully a backup right back.
  13. Harry Maguire | 2020/21 Performances

    I think at the very least Mctominay definitely is more effective at it but every time Maguire got forward I'd look and see Mctominay sitting back covering for him. But yeah in general it didn't make sense to have them both on. Fred is basically on to win the ball back but they didn't ever really...
  14. Harry Maguire | 2020/21 Performances

    I see a lot of comments praising him for getting forward but honestly that annoyed me to no end. Why not let the midfielders do that, and if they aren't, as the captain tell them to. I'm not sure if it was directed by Ole or anyone else but Mctominay and Fred were constantly having to sit back...
  15. Amad Diallo signs for Manchester United

    Based on not much at all I think he'll get a few cameos this season and then go on loan next season. I'm not saying I don't think he's talented or that he won't make it here I just don't think it'll be nearly as soon as most of you seem to have convinced yourselves. If I'm proven wrong I'll be...