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  1. Liverpool vs Manchester United

    Bruno and important matches ? ... I hoped I jinxed sth..
  2. Liverpool vs Manchester United

    Watching Thiago playing football is just pure joy
  3. Bruno Fernandes | 2020/21 Performances

    To say he is not a big game player is wrong. Come on , hes been here for one year. But I also don't get the argument :" he is allowed to have a game off". It is not one game off though. I have seen exact this explanation multiple times. So it is not just " a game off" , in fact he had tons of...
  4. Bayern Munich: 2013 or 2020?

    I definitely prefer the 2013 Bayern. They had the perfect balance between pressing a possession football. In my opinion one of the best defence ever, not on paper, ( Lahm and Boateng were the best in their position back then though ) but just they way they defendeded as a team. Schweinsteiger...
  5. Thomas Tuchel sacked at Christmas

    It was released yesterday. The main criticism of him was that he never felt appreciation in general despite being one game away from winning the Champions league, So much better than close do beat Bayern ? It was a close final game. Bayern, the best team in the world was just slighly better...
  6. Thomas Tuchel sacked at Christmas

    Maybe it is related to the interview released yesterday where he asked for more appreciation of the teams achievements. In my view a unnecessary and weird sack, timing also sucks. On which side are PSG fans here , on Tuchel or Leonardo´s ? Since there has always been some disputes between them.
  7. Roberto Firmino, the most overrated player in the Prem.

    He surely had world class periods, but overall he is not world class, but does it matter? Since there arent too many world class players to put it into perspective, doesnt change that he is a great player. He hasnt been too great in the last year, so what ? You think Klopp wouldnt get rid of...
  8. Roberto Firmino, the most overrated player in the Prem.

    I would take him over Martial any day
  9. Robert Lewandowski 2020/21 performances

    Insane discussion. Crazy man haha. What a player. Single-handedly carrying Bayern with Neuer.
  10. German Football 20/21

    Insane how Neuer is carrying Bayern this season ( with Coman and Lewy). Incredible how good he is. Without him Bayern would have lost so many more points , for sure.
  11. Best ever Free Transfer

  12. Your All Time World 11

    ———-----------Neuer———————— Lahm——Van Diyk---Maldini—-R.Carlos ———————Viera—————— ——------Xavi————Iniesta—— Robben————Messi———CR7
  13. Did Rooney fulfill his potential?

    This is the most accurate answer I think.
  14. Official Ballon D'Or Dream Team (best team of all time)

    Lahm Iniesta and Neuer in 2nd team. I dont know how it was for you guys, but to me Pirlo was always underrated back in the days in my circle when I grew up. In forums, in my friend circle, in my family. But for some reason ever since he went to Juve I feel people overrate him. Maybe it is just...
  15. OGS - "There's been other players refusing to train and refusing to play. They're not here anymore."

    "He's got hunger + appetite to play. He wants to train + he’s focused on performing when he gets a chance." Wtf, why is this worth a mention ? He is getting paid by the club and has a contract.