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  1. Gaming The SM RedCafe League

    whats maldini and piccoli done? l0l
  2. Television Unfunny comedians

    all the female ones
  3. Gaming eFootball (formerly PES)

    i've always enjoyed pes but i dont really know what to make of this years maybe they mailed it in for the ps4 even the menu and presentation and colours are horrible
  4. Gaming The SM RedCafe League

    hey rav i did what you said do you need my email for the starbucks gift card you are sending me
  5. Television Norm MacDonald Has Died Aged 61

    Canadian legend. One of the goats
  6. Television Ted Lasso (Apple TV Football Comedy)

    this show is so stupid but I keep watching
  7. Gaming The SM RedCafe League

    Damien banned you
  8. Gaming The SM RedCafe League

    i dont want it theyre putting a statue of me up at craven cottage shit on the villa
  9. Music Drake - Certified Lover Boy

    you guys all sound like souness on pogba
  10. Gaming The SM RedCafe League

    ozan kabak to norwich l0l wtf
  11. Music Commercial Hip Hop Thread

    the answer to the question is the infamous -> hell on earth -> murda muzik
  12. Music Commercial Hip Hop Thread

    nas album banger eminem ruined that track, automatic skip
  13. Gaming The SM RedCafe League

    i was hoping to get alarcon now i dont know who to pick
  14. Gaming RIP PES(Pro Evolution Soccer) 2001 - 2021

    i only play master league and log into myclub for all the freebies to export the legends into master league if i can get that for like $50, less than the retail of previous new games $70, then im all for it saying that im keeping my ps4 and wont get a ps5 until next summer probably l0l