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  1. The RedCafe Boxing Thread

    I imagine the step-aside route will be the way to go. I think that’s what Wilder wants and what Haymon will advise. Having said that, what are the repercussions if Fury doesn’t fulfill? He’s an English fighter boxing another English fighter in Saudi. Not sure how this Nevada contract holds up?
  2. The RedCafe Boxing Thread

    I’d communicated with Jofre and his family for a number of years. I also had a ton of research. Like a TON. From over the years that I’d had translated. So a few people asked me to write a book on him and I asked his family and they couldn’t be happier.
  3. The RedCafe Boxing Thread

    It’s not uncommon for super fights to land in strange locations. Think Thrilla in Manila and Rumble in the jungle.
  4. La Liga 2020/21

    Thank feck for that. Got a feeling Atletico will bottle it next week but still good to still have it in their hands.
  5. La Liga 2020/21

    No chance of Atletico scoring.
  6. La Liga 2020/21

    Leagues over. Epic bottle job from Atletico.
  7. The RedCafe Boxing Thread

    The great Jeff Fenech with my book:
  8. An apology to Harry Maguire

    He’s massive. He’s not perfect but he’s a top quality center half and a great leader.
  9. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    Gifted them a totally undeserved fourth place.
  10. No.1 for next season - De Gea or Henderson?

    De Gea easy.
  11. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    How are Liverpool gonna walk fourth place? They have been shit. Injustice.
  12. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    No, they'll still make it if they win the last three, provided Leicester fails to get more than one point.
  13. The RedCafe Boxing Thread

    That's 18 months of ring rust for Fury. He'll be favored but it's food for thought. Joshua got some solid rounds in about 5 months ago, so 8 months isn't bad for him. Realistically, this should have been happening in June, but I suppose August 14th isn't far off.
  14. RAWK goes into Meltdown 20/21 Edition

    Needs to get laid. That’s hilarious.
  15. La Liga 2020/21

    Here comes the dropped points...