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  1. Scottish Football 20-21

    What I came to post too. This is one occasion where the manager should be the one to see the ultimate humiliation through, then resign. The season is a write off and no one else deserves this.
  2. Jose Mourinho Sack Watch | Last 6 league games: LLLWLL

    The cycle is getting worse for Mourinho. He’s supposed to win the League Cup before imploding.
  3. RAWK goes into Meltdown 20/21 Edition

    Post when they’re winning, they only post when they’re winning.
  4. Premier League Gameweek 25

    When Liverpool give up on the league to focus on Europe, they don’t go about it lightly. They won’t make top four but I won’t be able to laugh at them until they’re knocked out of the Champions League.
  5. If Pep took over us instead of City would we have won the PL ?

    I’m quite certain that Woodward could make a failure out of anyone or anything. Klopp knew this.
  6. Post match vs Real Sociedad

    A few weeks ago, turning it on in a competition that we’d be better out of would have been as annoying as the crappy league performances. Fortunately we’re no longer better off out of the Europa League.
  7. Why the heck #OLEOUT is trending again?

    Twitter is sadly right on this occasion but he’s bought himself time to get eliminated from the two remaining competitions this season.
  8. United issue statement on racial abuse

    The comments under the official social media posts are always trash. It’s like a game to see who can be the most toxic.
  9. Not in the Race?

    We’re lucky Liverpool and Spurs are as bad as we are.
  10. Post match vs West Bromwich Albion

    It’s both depressing and a point more than I expected before the game. Newcastle must be licking their lips. We can’t cope with shit teams.
  11. West Bromwich Albion vs Manchester United

    This isn’t even an upset. It’s going exactly as expected.
  12. RAWK goes into Meltdown 20/21 Edition

    It’s a downer that City and not us get to be champions during Klopp’s promised victory parade but I’m still here for it.
  13. Jürgen Klopp Sack Watch

    The silver lining of Liverpool’s success under Klopp is that he’ll now get the Wenger pass to be unsuccessful for years. He can finish in the bottom half of the table and it won’t matter to the club or fans. This is more of a Klopp Quit Watch. That might not happen but he’s definitely not...
  14. Jürgen Klopp Watch | "Man United had more penalties in two years than me in five and a half years"

    It was a leading question. He asked Klopp about the title race being over to establish that he had given up on it and to appear less condescending with the follow up about finishing in the top four being the priority for Liverpool now.
  15. As Rugby refuses to take the knee, is it time the Premier League stopped too?

    Racist abuse has got worse since it started. On social media anyway. I’m not looking forward to how this pans out in front of crowds.