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  • Your username means the sun, right?
    Actually it's from 2 things. The word "kourou" from the guyanese french town that has a space center and the word "kurux" which "beauty" in somali which my mom used to call me so much when I was kid lol
    I just saw your location and thought it was a somewhat French way of spelling "qorax", which may etymologically be related to "qurux"/"kurux", now that I think about it. Nabad iyo caano!
    Nabad wanagsan bro. We can continue this with private messages if you want
    I feel I must say if you ever need to say something just pm me. I can't get my head around my grandma's death even now. I'm glad she's dead.but she didnt know me. And I used to be the one grandson that brought her fish and chips. It was the highlight of our week. Even when I left for America my friends bright her fish and chips and sat down with her.
    I will for sure. You have been very nice and comforting and for that I thank you. These are tough times, I just learned that the father of one of my friends and colleagues passed away too.
    I could but I really want something outdoor. My aim is to learn proper muscle ups and for that I need to have some space and something stable.
    Muffled funk
    A hot neighbour has moved in across the way, right?
    I wish lol. I use a machine for pulling exercises and I know I can do a high number of reps for its max weight (72kg) which is still far from my current weight. In other to develop my strength I need to make the jump to full bodyweight training now.
    Since January I have been regularly working out/playing football in order to lose weight and the results have been very good. I need the extra push now
    Hey Kouroux just wanted to comment on the pic you posted of the gardener:
    Isnt he Ledoux's cooking partner that got blasted by stepping into one of his security traps?
    The gardener isn't Dewall and the actor who played him is listed for the 7th and 8th episode so very likely to play a role in the finale. If it was him Cohle would have instantly recognized him anyway.
    Riyami UTD
    Youre right thats why i found it confusing that he didnt recognise him at the bar.

    Good chat thanks :)
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