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  • It all comes down to the transfer fee and wage demands for me. I'd like Mount in the squad and think he's a lot better than most fans give him credit for, but we have way bigger priorities right now. If the club can get him on a reasonable deal...
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    I think it would be a mistake to spend a huge sum on Kane. Clearly, he's a top player, but his legs are already starting to go. We've been down this road before, many times.
  • :lol: Man brought receipts.
  • He needs to train his bollocks off in the summer and come back in much better physical condition if he’s to have any chance of salvaging his career at United.
  • Even if we completely bottle the run-in, I think he should get another season. He's brought a lot to the club. That's not to say he hasn't made major mistakes. Spending a crazy sum on Antony Moving our best player (Bruno) all over the pitch...
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    The sooner Labour manages to get all these lunatics out of the party, the better.
  • We can absolutely have a go at someone deliberately pulling out of tackles on the edge of our own box. That's some cowardly shite.
  • I don't get our transfer business. It's just a litany of ludicrous recruitment. We repeatedly make obvious blunders like signing this kind of junk for mad fees. Ten seconds spent looking at his Instagram would have shown he's the wrong sort of...
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    Ten Hag making subs like we were 4-0 up cost us.
  • I didn't expect this level of disdain when opening the thread. I think he's a good player, albeit having a bad season. At the right price, he'd be a good option.