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  • I've run out of newbie posts and can't answer on the board. My answer would have been that that's a trick question- too many 'ifs' involved. But I do think he has a talent that we need in the club building sphere. That's why I am prepared to support him and show a little patience.
    Ok. But it wasn't a trick question though, I'm looking at his cv and can't find anything comparable, because the last time he was out of his comfort zone was over a decade ago. And given how he's handling this interim period, ie stubbornly sticking with his weird formation and philosophy, I don't think it would have helped Cardiff despite his superior knowledge of the game.
    Lost bear
    Fair enough. I’m not overly impressed so far, I must admit, but I do think we’re going to need to give him some time. I annoys me a bit that many fans were massively patient with Ole and are already deciding that Ralf is shit. I’m most interested in the work I expect him to do over the next years, really- I think this season is gone.
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