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  1. Refs & VAR 2020/2021 Discussion

    Why some don't understand, thats their job to do excactly this and as long this is the rule for close offsides, they have to do this. Otherwise they would just manipulate the game.
  2. Premier League Gameweek 31

    Has to be a red.
  3. Pochettino watch | PSG Manager (18 month contract)

    This is Mourinho-Like so far. It will always give you some lucky results, but longterm things like this will never work.
  4. Champions League Quarter Finals 2020/21 - Apr 6/7 & 13/14

    3 shots, 3 shots on goal and 3 goals is crazy for PSG & Chelsea :D
  5. La Liga 2020/21

    This league is so corrupt.
  6. Internationals March (World Cup Qualifiers)

    Macedonia with the lead again!
  7. Internationals March (World Cup Qualifiers)

    Werner just with the miss of the year, we needs gifs here :D
  8. Internationals March (World Cup Qualifiers)

    Just came here to jinx it ;) What a miss from Ronaldo by the way.
  9. Internationals March (World Cup Qualifiers)

    Nah, they will just relax now. Because they know, that Malta won't score. And no fans in the stadium, so they don't need to entertain. I am always missing a goal and it will happen now again :D
  10. Internationals March (World Cup Qualifiers)

    But i need 2 :D But looks like Malta is a number to good for Croatia.. Edit: Oh, finally. Around 30 minutes for another one...
  11. Internationals March (World Cup Qualifiers)

    Thanks Croatia for nothing.
  12. Internationals March (World Cup Qualifiers)

    football without goal line technology and var is a joke :D
  13. Champions League Round of 16 (16th Feb - 17th Mar)

    the second touch is clearly inside and is the reason he trips.
  14. La Liga 2020/21

    Benzema is quite good at football, what a strike.
  15. Manchester United vs AC Milan

    How it's harsh? If it just touch the hand/arm somehow, it's has to be canceled.