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  1. Will we pick up loads of injuries(initially) under Ragnick?

    I fully support the appointment of Ragnick,it’s definitely a big step in the right direction for us as a club.But in the short term,I think that we will suffer loads of injuries because of his playing style.His style of play is radically different to what the players are used to.The intensity in...
  2. Van der Vaart on Maguire "He's really sh*t"

    Obviously Van der Vaart statement is over the top and I guess it’s intended to be sensational,but I have never for a second considered Maguire to be a top class central defender.Forget about world class,he’s not even top class.He’s a good Premierleague centre back who has some strengths but...
  3. Do we need a modern goalkeeper?

    This.Hone stop the GK is the least of our worries right now….While David is prone to the odd error,his form generally has been good.Finding a good RB,restructuring the midfield,possibly finding an upgrade on Maguire should be our main priorities right now.
  4. Which players will be the biggest winners and losers under Rangnick?

    Greenwood,Sancho,Rashford,Cavani may all play a very important role.I”m not really sure how Cristiano fits into a Rangnick team,I guess we”ll have to wait and watch.I also think that maybe Dalot may get an opportunity to prove himself now,AWB has been terrible this season …..
  5. Ralf Rangnick to become interim manager | Club announce! Work visa obtained

    Terrific news.He’s been called the “Godfather of German football”…Klopp looks up to Ragnick and if I”m not mistaken,Tuchel got his break in management because of ragnick.All in all,it’s terrific news for the club….
  6. Pochettino watch | PSG Manager

    Some folks want to compare what Ten Hags done at Ajax to what SAF did at Aberdeen!!!What a joke!
  7. Jesse Lingard 'to leave on a free'

    Lingards had loads of chances at this club and he’s failed miserably.He’s not good enough to play at the highest level,I think he actually found his level at West Ham.I wouldn’t feel too sorry if he left to be honest,but obviously it would be silly to lose another player on a free transfer…
  8. Woodward set to stay on as Executive Vice Chairman

    Lol…We are a shambles!!
  9. Pochettino watch | PSG Manager

    Yup,let’s get a manager from the mighty Dutch league,I”m sure that will work out brilliantly….
  10. Next permanent manager

  11. Next permanent manager

    We saw what Pochettino acheived with limited financial resources at Tottenham….Could Guardiola or Klopp have acheived more at Tottenham than Pochettino?I seriously doubt it….Give Pochettino financial backing and he can achieve so much more at United….The Dutch league is provably just a level...
  12. Next permanent manager

    Sorry?Tuchel and Klopp came from Germany….There’s no comparison between the bundesliga and the Dutch league….
  13. Rank our post-SAF managers

    In the league-1)Ole,2)Jose,3)LVG and 4)Moyes in the cups-1)Jose,2)LVG,3)Ole,4)Moyes Overall I would probably put Ole ahead of Jose.Our consistency in the league,our signings in the transfer window and our steady improvement over 2 years(until this season) probably puts Ole ahead of Jose.
  14. Next permanent manager

    I”m really surprised that a Manager who has never managed in any of the top leagues in Europe is the favourite to take over!Okay,his Ajax team reached a CL semifinal….But honestly what’s the big deal?Pochettino took Tottenham to a CL final(surely a greater achievement than reaching a semifinal)...
  15. Thank you Ole

    The squad that he’s leaving behind is much better than the one that he inherited.His successor won’t have a massive rebuilding job to do…Ole did a good job until this season,so he deserves some credit for the progress that we”ve made over the last few years.Thanks for your service Ole,all the...